Monday, October 8, 2012



We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, ate lots and counted our blessings.  We made this little turkey handprint basket liner and baked braided bread (I used this recipe, sometimes I use this recipe which uses milk, both are very good).


Little one loves food, she helped with the bread, gravy and discovered how much she loves cranberries.


Meals were also served in the dollhouse ...  the little pies are made from bottle caps (tutorial here).


and we ended the long weekend with a walk in the woods.


Our lab, Ramsey, was off-leash on the trail and suddenly took off like he was a puppy.  His leg  buckled or something and he fell to the ground with a terrible yelp.  At first, I wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to walk. He kept trying to get up and falling to the ground and crying.  I started to panic.  We massaged his hips and said a prayer. Slowly, he was able to get up and walk.  This is the first time that has happened, we will have to keep any eye on him.  Here is a shot of Lily and Ramsey from last weekend’s  St. Francis pet blessing. I don’t have many terrific photos of him because his black coat is difficult to photograph.


If you were celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, I hope you had a wonderful one.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! nice pics! love the little dollhouse pies. did you get together with extended family or just your own little family? We always do thanksgiving on our own, although now there are so many of us... its getting harder and harder to fit everyone!
    YOur poor dog. Black labs tend to have hip problems. I hope shes alright. I would have been panicing too.
    have a great week!

  2. happy thanksgiving !
    to the ones in the doll house, too :)
    I just discovered why I've been saving all those bottle caps, those cute little pies have been added to my long list...

  3. Happy thanksgiving!
    Love the handprint turkey on the basket liner cloth - it is so sweet. Poor Ramsey, he will have to take it easy for a while. And what a gorgeous photo of Lily and Ramsey!

  4. Your bread basket liner is so sweet and that bread looks absolutely yummy. Darling pictures of your girls. I'm so sorry about your dog. What an awful scare for everyone! Of course you know I'm completely smitten with your dollhouse pies. Thank you for sharing the tutorial link. Miss Josie needs a few more pies for her animal friends and their never ending dollhouse village.

  5. The bread looks scrumptious, the dollhouse treats darling. My heart jumped when I read about Ramsey. Wishing him some relief.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I always love when family gets together especially on holiday and the whole affair is crowned with festive feelings. Love the pictures too, especially the one with Lily and Ramsey!
    And I mustn't forget the hand turkeys - too cute!!

  7. Poor Ramsey! A speedy recovery and good health, old boy!! As always, KJ, lovely photos. (I was thinking of our sweet Dunlop this Thanksgiving weekend...)

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  9. Yes, we worry and fret over our pets almost as much as our children! That is a sweet photo of Lily and Ramsey!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

    Sweet pies...I am going to check out that tutorial soon. Tori and I acquired our dollhouse over the summer, so now we are on a crusade to fill it up with beautiful things.

    Continue to have a happy fall...

  10. Love the bread basket liner. Oooh - we get to see the backside of your husband. :) We never see pics of him. ;)

    Look at the dollhouse and pies. Those dolls feast like kings and I bet they never lose their figures either. ;)

    Poor Ramsey. That is would have been hard to get a big dog home if she couldn't walk.

    Love the photo of Lily and Ramsey - you are right about black dogs being hard to photograph!!


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