Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pink October {Elizabeth Hurley}


Happy October! 

Today, my friend Angie and I had a chance to meet Elizabeth Hurley at lunch.  She was in Toronto to promote Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. 

You may recall, that some time ago I posted about the pink ribbon “Run for the Cure T-shirt quilt” that I made for Angie.  It was very special that we were able to go to today’s event together. 


Elizabeth signed my pink ribbon edition of Clinique's dramatically different moisturizer.

Liz’s  handlers were quite strict, so we weren’t able to snap a photo of us with her, but here are a few outtakes that we managed to capture!


It wasn’t all celebrity sighting.  In her opening remarks and our brief conversation, Elizabeth was extremely gracious and I appreciate the work she has done to garner support for this cause.

I am at that age, and maybe you are as well, where you know friends or friends’ mums who have all been affected by this terrible scourge.



  1. what a fun & special time spent with your friend ~ I love what you're wearing, really like your pink scarf :)

  2. Thank you Rachel! it is the pink ribbon scarf that was part of an Avon campaign years ago.

  3. What a special event. Darling picture of you and your special pink scarf. My beloved Aunt died of cancer in August and my husband just found out that his principal has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer of the uterus. Cancer touches us all. Hugs.

  4. What a fantastic quilt you made to support your friend! Liz looks great in pink too.

  5. I feel bad for celebrities - handlers - makes it sound like the poor woman was a horse.

    I friend from my high school years (who married another friend from my high school years and who had five children with him and who was a dear Christians) died of this disease.

    I can't imagine the grief that her husband and children had to deal with.

  6. A wonderful event for a special cause!!
    There is much patience and love woven into that quilt which is special in itself too!

  7. KJ, my handlers would never treat you like that!! xox

  8. Thanks for sharing the adventure and the blanket pic brings a smile to my face.


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