Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Miniatures Enthusiast of Toronto Show


On the weekend, I took the girls to Miniatures Enthusiasts of Toronto show.  It was an opportunity to test out my camera on teeny tiny objects (and realize the limitations of my lens in low light). I thought I would share a few photos of our experience.

Some of the miniatures were set up for Christmas.


{k.kuti designs}


The Christmas trees are above are made from pipe cleaners and the mouths on the miniature nutcrackers really work   {Exhibitor: Laura Lisowsky}.


Handmade bears by Bears Abundant.


The miniatures above - including the furniture - are knit on very fine needles {Second Childhood}.


Some of the exhibitors had spooky displays.  Unfinished wooden coffins were turned into bookshelves {Exhibitors: The Little Dollhouse Company & Out of the Ordinary}

In the next few photographs, you can see that there was an abundance of furnishings and special touches for dollhouses.  This is just a small peak.


Pacific Wood Imports had a wonderful display miniatures, mostly Japanese.   The sushi was adorable.   The girls love sushi so they were very interested in this display as well as the “mini ice cream”.


We had a fun time and plan to go again next year. There were so many things to see (and not touch!).

I am starting to see everything in 1/8 scale. 

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  1. I'm drooling over all your splendid pictures. I would have gladly enjoyed going with you and the girls on this special outing. I'm going to share a few pictures on Friday of our dollhouses all decked out for Halloween.

  2. Me too! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this post {you know I am crazy about miniatures}!! Most of all I loved the spooky display, the furnishings and other things for the dollhouse and of course I mustn't forget the knit furniture! Precious!

  3. Ive been wanting to turn one of my dollhouses into a halloween party house for years. hopefully someday I will actually do it. Love seeing the pics from the show you went to. I love miniatures. there used to be a great miniature show here, but not sure they have it anymore as I've not been in years. glad you had fun adn thanks for sharing!
    happy day

  4. Miniatures are so much fun! I especially like the cuckoo clock and chandelier.

  5. Thank you so much for taking me along on a photo tour, I have never been to a miniature show before. You have so many neat opportunities in your area, so glad you share them with us, one of the super great things about blogging :)
    I am super impressed with the chandeliers, as well as the knitted & hand sewn items.
    I did notice that although they are miniature in size they are not miniature in price :)

  6. That shot of the mini-mini quilts! I love that one. I have a doll house that needs attention... Perhaps I could make a tiny quilt to get me going, eh?

  7. Thanks for showing us your photos from the miniatures show. I especially loved the 'knitted' furniture and the chandeliers.

  8. I also love miniatures! The Halloween ones are so stinking cute.

  9. I love all the detail. What a fun day out.


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