Monday, October 22, 2012

Crafting with my kids: pumpkin jar luminaries


We made this sweet little craft on the weekend.  I have a weakness for reusing jars.  The girls love luminaries and I saw these tissue paper pumpkin jars on the Michaels project site.  We changed it up a bit.  Ric rac for tendrils and cork for a stem.  We inserted flickering LED lights. 


I snuck a photo of her saying grace. She set the table for her and her big sister to eat together.  I thought it was sweet.


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  1. Too too sweet! Josie would love to sneak in another Halloween craft. Absolutely precious pictures of your daughter.

  2. we both share a love for reusing jars :) this is a great way to reuse corks, too... I have never tried those LED lights yet, they would be a much more child friendly version than candles

  3. Very very sweet .. everything, including your gorgeous girl!
    Tell me though KJ, what do you do with all the things you all make? You see, I have visions of you sitting in an enormous house with a huge room dedicated to the girls' crafting achievements. Or the family crammed into one side of the house, whilst the other side is brimming with the makes!!

  4. Oh - I love reusing jars too - these are very sweet.

  5. It's always exciting for me to see what you do with your kids and use that as inspiration. We've had some painted jars with candles put inside (with eyes and teethed smiles) but not like these. Yours are beautiful!


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