Saturday, September 8, 2012



The hardcover of a Canadian reader (c. 1960) from my dad’s basement

Just popping in to wish you a happy weekend. We survived the first week of new routines.    Little one began full day junior kindergarten which has meant losing a two hour nap and getting used to cold packed lunches.   She seems to enjoy kindergarten and meeting new friends although she is very tired at the end of the day.


I took this photo of the girls in front of the school and made it fancy using picmonkey.

Lily has the same teacher as last year {who she absolutely adores} so she is very happy.  She is also quite pleased with a special Chewbacca backpack toy she received for her birthday.  It makes the sound, you know that special wookie sound.


I also wanted to mention this sweet and simple craft for Grandparent’s Day . My pal sent me a link to  Grandparent’s Day printable by Make It Handmade.    We used autumn thumbprints instead of green handprints, the girls really enjoyed this activity.





Have a lovely weekend,



  1. Happy start of school!
    I love seeing kids going to school happy. Jacob came to his senses and now he is the first to wake up fearing he'll be late for school :)
    Love the grandpa greeting card project!

  2. How exciting, I love the photos and can remember so well hen my two started school and how after lunch they all used to lie own on a mat in the classroom for a quick nap. So sweet.
    Brilliant idea for the cards. We dont celebrate a Grandparent's Day here, I'm not really sure why, it makes perfect sense to me!
    Hope the school days continue to be as exciting as that first!
    Kate x

  3. It is so good when they get teachers they love, feeling accepted and comfortable is a huge advantage at school.

  4. oh Grandparents day?? hmmmm.. I'm a gramma now.. I'll have to let some people know about grandparents day! LOL!
    love the fall fingerprint trees, really cute. As are both of your girls.
    have a relaxed weekend to gear up for the next week of school!

  5. Love the book cover!!

    I bet that is a tough transition for your littlest but it helps that she likes learning and is making friends.

    Chewbacca and Eeyore - what a great combo - your Lily is a character!!

    We made autumn thumbprint trees last year but maybe we should do it again while grandma is here... :)

  6. Your girls look simply adorable. I love the effect you used with Picmonkey. I thought about you this week as I was rushing about each morning with the girls. Full-day school has made Josie quite tired by bedtime. Not all bad (smile).

    Love the Grandparents Day card. I bet miss Josie would love to do a bit of crafting this afternoon.

  7. happy back to school !
    sweet 'first day' banner you made :)

  8. My kids love finger painting! I would find any excuse to add finger painting into the lesson plans all the time! I hope your children have a great year in school!

  9. Oh! I didn't know there was a Grandparents Day, and we missed it :-) Transitioning from kindergarten to primary school won't come without small glitches, but they'll smooth over once the little ones get used to the routine - give lots of encouragement! It helps that the teachers are caring too :-)


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