Monday, September 24, 2012



We celebrated the first weekend of autumn in cottage country (Huntsville about 3 hours north of Toronto not taking into account traffic out of the city and setting for the G8 summit in 2010).  We met my sister’s family and the kids were able to play non stop.


{Above: Mandatory family shot in Muskoka chair}. The colour change was about 10%. I am sure it will be on fire in about 7-10 days.


On our way home, we stopped by Sandhill Nursery for their annual fall festival.  Bales of hay were transformed into wagons and there were pumpkin faced scarecrows every where. The cedars were also decorated.


The girls didn’t want to leave - it was a lovely way to celebrate autumn’s arrival.  I really liked the dried Chinese lanterns (Physalis) on the wreath above so I took a photo to remember it.

Have a great week,



  1. What a gorgeous way to celebrate the arrival of autumn. You pictures are magazine worthy. Love the idea for a fall wreath. Thanks for sharing.

  2. There's nothing like making lovely memories! The pictures are gorgeous and looking at them the girls will certainly remember and treasure the beautiful moments spent with family!

  3. such superb photos !!
    did you get a new camera?? if not, then you've been taking your photo skills out of the park !

  4. What lovely photos and memories. Your daughters are especially lovely. What a great way to spend the first weekend of autumn!

    Guess which country JJ is studying this week in social studies? The wonderfully diverse and beautiful land of Canada!

    Hey, I have something to send the girls that I found this summer in our local antique store, and I also need to send you some mini Vanilla Wafers so that the girls can make some acorns. Would you care to send me your address?

    Sorry I have been away so long. It has been such an ordeal with Chris's job situation.

    Many autumn hugs,

  5. Love the photos of the kids. They're so cute and happy. Those little smiles are priceless.

  6. Great photos. I love that wreath in teh last photo too - good inspiration.

  7. That's a gorgeous photo with all the kayaks lined up against the weatherboard wall..colour perfect!

  8. Such a delightful and fun photo essay - bright, colorful, happy - I can feel the crispness of the air!!

    Your girls are getting big!! How does that happen, I wonder? Mine are doing it too!!


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