Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crafting with my kids: Mid-Autumn Festival


For the past couple of weeks, we have been reading books about the harvest moon.  We have also worked on this little craft to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival which started this weekend. {If you are interested in learning more, be sure to check out my friend Kim K's excellent post on a lesson plan that she put together for her daughter’s class.}

This craft is for young children and works on gluing and cutting skills.  You can make your basic moon with texture using this technique involving flour or this technique involving glue.  We used the flour technique.  The first time, the girls mixed too much flour in their white paint, and it really turned into a moon cake when dry (!).
The next time, we used just a little flour.  I don’t have any photos of the girls painting their moons (I lost my camera card, sigh) .
This project may take a couple of days depending on the drying time of your moon. We have been working on our moon project over a couple of weekends.
Supplies: your painted moon, zigzag child scissors, string or yarn, glue, origami or pretty paper for the lanterns.
After your moon has dried it is time to add the paper lanterns.
Glue the string on the moon, and cut strips of the origami paper with the zigzag scissors on sides.  Glue your lanterns.
Hold up your work!
Notice the new Chinese paper punches?  My friend brought them back for me from Hong Kong, one means longevity and the other good fortune.  After my daughter finished her project, I punched the cardstock and put some silver foil tape behind.
Notice the miniature pumpkins? This ornamental varietal is sometimes called “Pumpkin on a Stick.” It is native to southeast Asia. I was able to pick up a few stems at my Chinatown garden center. They are suitable for drying.
I am also sharing a few photos of mooncake packaging which were on display this week in my local Chinatown.  Mooncakes generally come in large tins and the cake itself can take some getting used to. This year, I picked up a mooncake shaped like a pig - it was small enough for the girls to have a taste.
Lily starts her Cantonese lessons this week!
Have a lovely week and enjoy the perfect moon,


  1. The girls moon cakes turned out great! They would really make nice fall greeting cards. Love the addition of the mini buntings and punch details.
    Happy Fall!

  2. What a great idea for a greeting card. I'm envious of your access to a "China town" with all the authentic goodies for the holidays. Wishing your family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  3. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family! I don't think I've ever asked you, but your family seems to be very interested in Chinese traditions, why is that? And Lily is picking up Cantonese! Wow! I'm Cantonese but my Cantonese sounds terrible.

  4. I just have to say that I always learn so much from your posts. Your family does such interesting things, often totally new to me. I love the moon craft--they turned out so beautiful. I will pin this and hopefully will remember to look into this holiday next year when the time comes.

  5. Since our trip to Taiwan we have enjoyed a few Chinese favourite is pineapple a shortbread but a bit cakier with a lovely pineapple filling in each individually boxed cake..mmmm!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful idea for a card! The mini buntings really make the moon special :)
    And those punches (the meaning especially) are precious!

  7. Oooh! Where is Lily learning it? What curriculum are they using? The girls and Tim want to learn so we are going to try starting after the beginning of the year.

    Oh yeah - love the project - I liked the messed up moons too (but that's just me)!

  8. Hi KJ!
    Just wanted to let you know that there is a package on the way for you and the girls. I am praying that one item arrives all in one piece!

    Love the moon craft. I wish that we had access to a Chinatown here.

    Much Autumn happiness,

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed the Mid-Autumn festival celebrations. We had fun too with a family and friends picnic followed by lots of moon cakes and Chinese tea. Hope the she enjoys the Cantonese lessons! :-)


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