Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apron Bridal Shower

Things have been quiet in this little space because I was helping my sister with preparations for a bridal shower for our dear friend.  The event involved quite a bit of sewing including over 30 little dish soap aprons as a giveaway for the guests  (great little scrap busting project). 
It was a fun concept for a bridal shower (this shower was inspired by this and this and some old advertisements and images, but there are tons of other apron shower / retro housewife shower ideas out there, pinterest is a great place to start looking). The guests also seemed to enjoy the theme.
Guests were asked to provide marriage advice and there were a couple of games, such as a quiz (bride’s top ten list, which is a great way for the groom’s family’s guests to get to know the bride better and a nice ice breaker) and a “guess the gadget” game.  Prior to the shower, the bride’s family looked through their kitchen vault for family historical kitchen gadgets. There were some very interesting gadgets, including a cherry pitter from the 50s.  This challenge was essentially a memory game.  First , the gadgets were explained and viewed by the guests and then  the bride left the room and discreetly removed a gadget.  When she returned, the guests were quizzed as to which gadget was removed.  The gadgets hung from a denim  utility apron with drapery pins.
The room was decorated with aprons, tea towels, kitchen objects, family photos, as well as the bride’s first childhood cookbook which her mum had saved.  There was also a slide show.
The cutlery  pockets were kind of neat: “Napkin rings.”
There are a number of vintage Palmolive ads available on the internet.  I selected a  few and my print shop did a great job printing them on cardstock to display throughout the room.
My sister constructed a towel cake with towels from the registry….
and the little roses were actually …. hmmm…. panties that said things like tie the knot.  (I found them at various Winners locations throughout Toronto.)
My dad had kept quite a bit of bridal shower gift wrap from the seventies so we were able to use sheets to create a little backdrop for photographs. The paper also came in handy to line envelopes.
My sister stitched the “live, laugh, love” bunting which is the theme for the bride’s wedding.
This post has become a little photo heavy so I will post photographs of the aprons we wore separately.   
The bride has no siblings and we consider her one of our sisters as we have known her for about three decades and wanted to do something unique. 
It felt special with lots of handmade touches, a sort of “why we sew” moment.
Live, laugh, love,


  1. That's a great theme for a bridal shower! You have put together an amazing amount of retro goodness as a family.

  2. If I had any reason to ever host a bridal shower, this would be my inspiration. I love everything about it. It's simply retro-fantastic. Gorgeous details...right down to the mini soap aprons. Swoon!

  3. your dish soap aprons are adorable !
    & bridal shower gift wrap from the 70's!?! how rare is that?

  4. I love all the wrapping paper that your Dad saved - so cool.

    My Grandma used to make dish soap aprons. I've always meant to make one - I've never got around to it.

    I hope your friend thoroughly enjoyed it.

  5. This was very interesting KJ!
    I love the theme and it sounds quite an interesting way for the families to get to know each other through fun games!

    The aprons are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!! Where did you find all that gorgeous fabric?!!

  6. Thanks for the kind words ladies. Yes,the seventies gift wrap was a great find in my dad's home, I have see sellers on Etsy selling similar "vintage" papers. If you find yourself needing this sort of paper, be sure to let me know!

    The fabric is from three stashes : my own, my sewing pal (who was kind to make a bunch) and my sister's stash. My sister usually buys fabric secondhand so the prints may be quite old. When making 30+ aprons, it is nice to draw on an assortment of fabrics, and three scrap stashes was the way to go!

  7. what a wonderful wonderful shower! I love all the vintage touches! Those little aprons on the dishsoap bottles are so cute.
    The whole thing looks like it was just perfect.
    I bet your friend had a great time!
    looking forward to the next batch of apron pics!
    happy day

  8. I can't believe the work that went into this bridal shower. You never cease to impress me with the depths of you resourcefulness. I just love all the little apron-themed touches, and the vintage feel of the party. I bet you guys had a great time. Awesome job KJ!

  9. Wow! What a work of love. I am sure the bride to be was just thrilled.

  10. What a fantastic party, you've all gone to so much trouble. Love the cake, and the roses, of course!

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  12. absolutely fantastic! i'm so bummed I missed this shower!! what a lucky bride <3


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