Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thrifty Medieval Refashion

Lily is turning seven this week and for her birthday and instead of a party, she wanted to take a friend to Medieval Times.  Actually, she calls it “McEvil Times” and it makes us laugh so much that we don’t correct her.  She wanted a little maiden dress so I fixed something up in less than 30 minutes.
My local Value Village is a bit of a “flower girl frock” graveyard.  I often find flower girl dresses with stains, maybe wedding cake (??). I can’t pass them up because they are such great additions for our costume collection and they are so much nicer than commercial costumes. I found this {taffeta and satin} lavender number for less than $5 ($5 is my max for any dress).  It may not show it in the photograph, but it has many stains.
I have been also lucky to find quite a few books at VV to prepare her for the event.
To the dress, I added a little ribbon. My pal’s dear dad brings back this wonderful regal ribbon / trim from India. 
Together with a bit of pink satin ribbon, it made a quick and easy costume.
She reported that she was very happy when  the blue knight gave her a sash that said to the “queen of love and beauty”! It made her day to receive a blue sash off a joust.
It was a happy day! thanks for stopping by,
P.S. we started the day off with Challah French Toast (her favourite), so it was an extra special day!


  1. Such pageantry. It must have been a wonderful experience, especially with such a beautiful refashion. I remember being taught about the medieval times in school and we were taught may pole dancing :-)

  2. Sweetness!! Maybe we will run to the thrift store tomorrow!! We have the RenFest coming up and I am running out of time for what I wanted to do - this gives me new and simpler ideas!!

    I love that she wanted to do McEvil times rather than a big party!!

  3. Happy birthday to Lily! What a gorgeous birthday present! I am sure she loved the show immensely (can see excitement in her eyes). And she had the proper attire for it, which I must say you transformed wonderfully!!

  4. What beautiful attire for such a special day. Such a fun way to celebrate her birthday. Birthday blessings to your sweet girl!!

  5. What a transformation, I bet the donor would have kept it if they had thought of doing that! And all for a fiver!

  6. I sure do love a repurposing project, you are so clever (I will keep this idea for future reference) and that it was only $5 & only took 30 minutes ~ what a lovely transformation, she looks very happy in it !
    happy 7th birthday to her :)

  7. oh wow! that's a great idea and so simple! i might just do that for halloween this year! I've been thinking about making a fairy costume (i've always wanted to be one since i was a kid, but i never got to be one sadly) so if i can find a short simple dress (or attempt to make one myself!) i can adorn it with ornate ribbon and sashes, and make a pair of wings and a wand. thanks KJ! You're such a crafty mom!!!

  8. You make me want to be a better father by reading things like this. I think you are a truly wonderful person, and mother. I made my heart grow three sizes bigger to read this. Happy Bday to Lily. I can't believe that seven years has passed that fast. Keep writing, so I can keep being inspired... Chuck


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