Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Strawberry Bag

I have been searching for a strawberry bag pattern for some time.  I purchased Fig Tree’s Berry Sweet Bag pattern and made one for Lily for her birthday. 
Actually, I love these bags so much I made three so we could all have one!
(Notes: I lined the bags with fusible fleece.   The strawberry fabric, above, is “Riley Blake - Fly A Kite: Strawberry Pink”. I was able to pick up a remnant for one dollar from Mad About Patchwork – Pam had a booth set up at the Quilts at the Creek show. She was selling some remnants that worked perfectly for my bags. The green Patty Young and Robert Kauffman fabric on the right bag below were also dollar remnants. I made three bags in about 4-5 hours, I am a slower cutter.)
I also wanted share photos of the strawberries my sister knit me for my birthday.  They are so amazing.  She used different shades of red so they are quite realistic.  (She used the pattern on Pezdiva’s flickr stream. )  The tea towel was also a birthday gift from my sewing pal.  It is one of the Vera towels from Crate and Barrel.
The strawberries have been very delicious this year.   This summer, we also tried to grow our own in pots (only two berries so far :)
P.S. Random: I forgot to post a photo of Lily blowing out her candles. She had many reasons to celebrate that day, including surviving a go kart ride with her mummy who has not driven in about a decade.
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  1. KJ they are amazing! I especially like the fabric you used for them (and thank you for sharing the link)- it makes them extraordinary!
    I also admire your sister's strawberries (how cute!!) and that tea towel is absolutely delicious!! {pun intended :)

  2. How amazing are those berry purses!! Absolutely sweet. I'm sure your girls just love having a matching purse with their Mummy. Beautiful strawberries by your sister too. Fun birthday cake & go-cart picture too.

  3. Strawberries - yum!! The bags are just about the cutest ever!! And your sister did a great job on the knit strawberries!!

    Funny story about the go-cart ride!!

  4. what adorable little bags. and the tiny knit berries look like a lot of work!
    we didnt get as many strawberries this year as usual. in fact, I never even made any jam.. first time in forever! I still have jam left over from last year.
    have a great day

  5. The bags are really cute! It was great to meet you at Quilts At The Creek - thanks for sharing my link.

  6. super sweet strawberry bags, you found & used the perfect fabrics... my daughter just recently has started watching Strawberry Shortcake :)
    we, too, have several of those knit strawberries (aren't they the best?), they were actually knit by the designer herself, a rare treat :)

  7. Those strawberry purses look soooo cute, and i've never seen soooo many strawberries in my life!!

  8. Wonderful KJ, such a beautiful pattern and lovely fabric, I'm not surprised you had to have one too. Gorgeous, summery photos as well.

  9. What gorgeous strawberry bags - a perfect gift for a little girl. Love the knitted ones too! It is the start of the strawberry season here (the end of winter, in Australia).

  10. Your strawberry bags are just darling. I would have made an extra one for myself too!

  11. The bags are so cute. I'm sure my girls would love them. I also love your sister's strawberries--they make me want to try knitting something tiny like that.

  12. My goodness these are darling! I'm so excited to now about the pattern.

  13. The strawberry bags are so cute!

  14. What a cute project for your daughter! I'm sure she loves them!


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