Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photographing the midway


The Canadian National Exhibition takes place in Toronto during the last two weeks of August before school starts.   The exhibition started in 1879 and apparently is the 7th largest fair in North America.     There are lots of things to see and do  (such as two midways, carnival games, a food terminal specializing in fried delights, cooking  and entertainment shows, agricultural and farm animal demonstrations,  Canadian Forces display).   For many families, attending the CNE is an annual end of summer tradition spanning generations.  On Monday evening,  we took the girls for a few hours.  There is reduced admission price on most weekdays after 5 pm so it is a little more economical.  Evangeline Hope was exactly 42 inches so she could go on almost all the children’s midway rides with her big sister.  It was kind of cute to watch them waiting in line holding hands.

I tried my hand at photographing the midway in manual. I especially enjoyed taking photographs of the Ferris wheels. In the shot below, you have a small peak of the CN Tower through the wheel.











Below is my favourite shot.  The girls  love to put their hands up in the air (photo edited with picmonkey).


I would have liked to take some night photos of the midway lights, but at nightfall there was a sudden torrential-like downpour so we ran for cover in the farm building and saw the prize winning sand sculpture and agriculture exhibits.



The lambs in the farm building were adorable and playful.  We watched them play for a long time and then it was time to head home.IMG_1519

It was a fun evening.  I left a little surprised that the girls did not ask to play any carnival games and feeling very happy that we didn’t come home with any gigantic stuffed animals.

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  1. Marvelous KJ!
    This is one beautiful tradition to end the summer and quite exciting if I may note! From the pictures I am sure a person (a family to be exact) may get lost for hours enjoying all that the exhibition offers!
    I also must comment on the sand sculptures - my Gosh!! The Nursery Rhymes one got me gaping in admiration! A real masterpiece!

    The girls are adorable in the picture with the hands in the air!!

  2. awesome photos (fun to see the Toronto skyline in the background), I bet the girls had a super fun time :)
    enjoy your last days of summer break before school starts.

  3. What gorgeous photos. A beautiful evening with your sweet girls. They certainly looked like they were having a splendid time. The sand sculptures are pretty amazing. Have a lovely week!

  4. The photos are lovely...especially the one with your girls on the swing.

  5. Looks lovely - and I am glad you dodged the bullet on the stuffies!!

  6. Why is it that people put their hands up like that, my two do that too.
    Absolutely lovely photos K.J

  7. Looks like the girls had a most wonderful time at the exhibition. Loved the sand sculpture too. We have one similar to yours called 'the ekka' in Brisbane. I love to look at all the decorated cakes and the sewing.

  8. Wow, this looks so fun! I had never heard of this. I'd love to bring my girls next year. I'm pinning it so I can remember. Your photos are awesome!

  9. What amazing photos you've taken. Makes me want to go to my fair and take some photos when it comes to town :-)

  10. I love going to the EX! First stop...the food building!

    You have captured the feel of the EX so well.


    PS. But where is the picture of our mayor in butter! LOL!

  11. Your manual pics are beautiful KJ. The ferris wheels are my favourites, I think. I like experimenting with the camera too when I get a chance but, as it turned out, I had a nice break from even photography in August. Lo recorded everything with his newly updated iPhone. I appreciated that!

  12. great shots! looks like your girls probably had a ball. I remember going to fairs when I was little and barely even being able to contain myself. And my kids would pull me in 4 different directions at a fair! one to see animals, one for rides, one for midway games and one for fried dough! oh those were the days! LOL!
    have a great day KJ!


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