Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Las Vegas

I grew up on a sleepy street. The first time I ever moved was when I left home for college.  My dad still lives in the same childhood home.  On that street, my sisters and I made strong friendships that are very full - well over 30 years of memories.   One of our girl friends has found her soul mate and she is getting married this autumn.  We had a little Vegas getaway to celebrate the pending nuptials.  The main group stayed at the Bellagio which is an extraordinary hotel and actually makes Patricia’s Schultz’s 1,000 Places to see Before You Die list (that is a book I purchased years ago and sometimes informs my bucket list!). My middle sister and my BFF stayed at the Vdara which is a modern hotel connected by a walkway to the Bellagio.  The Vdara is non-gaming, non-smoking (sort of the anti-vegas hotel :) and we loved it . 
Sharing photos and few words - as people are NOT supposed to talk about what goes on Vegas (pssst: I will share that I tried one slot machine - spent one dollar and won ten and used the winnings to buy an overprice fruit salad!)
Keeping it real with a little “off the strip shot”: loved the access to justice nature of this billboard. The law firm is actually named “Half Price Lawyers.” 
and here is a photo of me with the show girls outside the Flamingo! re the near matching outfits - we called each other first!
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  1. Oh what fun!
    The pictures are really amazing and I can only imagine the things you've seen and participated into :P
    You look fab in the last photo!

  2. You are too funny. How practical!! A fruit salad.

    Loved the ladybug topiary!!

    I thought the wax Elvis was a impersonator!!

    You and 'the girls' look great in the bottom photo!! ;)

  3. you are quite the traveler, it's so fun to follow you on your trips :)
    I noticed right away how the pink outfits matched, you look so good

  4. Awesome pics. I especially love the last picture. I have an opportunity to go to Vegas next July for a conference. I keep thinking I need to find someone to stay with the girls and bring Chris with me. Your pictures really have me tempted.

  5. I guess Vegas is one of the places that has to be seen once, and what fun you seem to have had. I admire your restraint with your winnings, that's so funny!
    The last photo is brilliant, you look gorgeous KJ.

  6. fun pics! HOw nice that you got to go with close girlfriends! I grew up in a quiet little neighborhood too and made life long friendships. Im not much of a city girl, even though I grew up in Rochester NY, I live in the country now and tend to avoid citys now. they overwhelm me. I'm afraid vegas would do that to me too. THough I would love to go sometime!
    glad you had fun!

  7. Great pics, and you look glowing in the last one. I can see you had a lovely time there :-)

  8. I hope you had fun in Vegas! My husband and I did a road trip ending in Vegas. It was kinda like a National Parks road trip, we visited the Grand Canyons, Bandelier etc and we thought Vegas would be a refreshing change from all that nature. Turns out it wasn't our cup of tea.

  9. this post is so timely! Bill's birthday is very soon! Would you mind letting me know who you booked though?!!! Please oh please, this looks amazing!



  10. Aren't the Bellagio fountains fun?? I love that you had a great time sans the "sin"!

  11. Thank you for bringing this firm to our attention. I will most certainly keep it in mind for all my future legal needs.



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