Monday, August 27, 2012

Crafting with my kids: Sun Prints

Time is running out and we have been trying to squeeze in everything on our summer bucket list.  This past weekend we tried sun prints. 
The special paper can be difficult to find (in Toronto, I found it at this hobby shop).
We picked out some objects. About 5 minutes in the sun.  This is a collection of keys found in the basement of our 1912 house when we moved in.
Rinse under water for about one minute.  The directions suggest adding a few drops of lemon juice to increase the intensity so we did that.  After a rinse, let dry on a clothes line or drying rack.  We found the colour became more intense as the paper dried.
We also used our alphabet letters to create words.  The girls made a birthday card for a friend.
We still have some of the special paper left over so we might try some of the more advanced project suggestions (such as using negatives) in the future.
Happy crafting and thanks for reading,


  1. I've never seen these before..fabulous idea. How great, finding those keys in your basement!

  2. I've never seen these too...
    Amazing! I would love to do this with my children!!!

    You've never shown us the keys! They are fantastic {I have a strange obsession with old/vintage (skeleton)keys} and your key art turned magnificent!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. what fun! this is something I might like to do with my little Torry pie someday! hes a bit too young yet.. but I imagine that he will like things like this.
    I bet your girls loved this craft!
    happy Tuesday!

  4. We love sun prints! That one with the keys came out super cool.

  5. you have some great ideas, like using keys & alphabet letters !
    I still have a pack of sun prints that I got last summer that we still haven't used ~ thanks to you for reminding me, I will have to find them & dig them out.
    And I didn't know your house was built in 1912, happy 100th birthday to your house :)

  6. Love the keys. I haven't worked with that stuff in years, I think I have a pack lying around somewhere. Did you know you can get almost the same effect (in negative) with construction paper?

    If you try making a negative (I used to make them on over-head projector paper) make them very crisp - too much grey detail ends up muddy looking.

  7. What a fabulous idea. I'd love to get my hands on some of that special paper.

  8. Looks like loads of fun!!
    You can also get sun print fabric dye. You just dip the fabric in the special dye (diluted with water) then place your objects on top, then wait for it to dry. Then you can use your unique fabric in all sorts of projects.

  9. Wow, this came out really well! The images on the paper look fantastic. I will have to try and see if we can get some of that paper in the UK.

  10. Oooh! That's so cool.
    Love the keys!


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