Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photographing the midway


The Canadian National Exhibition takes place in Toronto during the last two weeks of August before school starts.   The exhibition started in 1879 and apparently is the 7th largest fair in North America.     There are lots of things to see and do  (such as two midways, carnival games, a food terminal specializing in fried delights, cooking  and entertainment shows, agricultural and farm animal demonstrations,  Canadian Forces display).   For many families, attending the CNE is an annual end of summer tradition spanning generations.  On Monday evening,  we took the girls for a few hours.  There is reduced admission price on most weekdays after 5 pm so it is a little more economical.  Evangeline Hope was exactly 42 inches so she could go on almost all the children’s midway rides with her big sister.  It was kind of cute to watch them waiting in line holding hands.

I tried my hand at photographing the midway in manual. I especially enjoyed taking photographs of the Ferris wheels. In the shot below, you have a small peak of the CN Tower through the wheel.











Below is my favourite shot.  The girls  love to put their hands up in the air (photo edited with picmonkey).


I would have liked to take some night photos of the midway lights, but at nightfall there was a sudden torrential-like downpour so we ran for cover in the farm building and saw the prize winning sand sculpture and agriculture exhibits.



The lambs in the farm building were adorable and playful.  We watched them play for a long time and then it was time to head home.IMG_1519

It was a fun evening.  I left a little surprised that the girls did not ask to play any carnival games and feeling very happy that we didn’t come home with any gigantic stuffed animals.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Crafting with my kids: Sun Prints

Time is running out and we have been trying to squeeze in everything on our summer bucket list.  This past weekend we tried sun prints. 
The special paper can be difficult to find (in Toronto, I found it at this hobby shop).
We picked out some objects. About 5 minutes in the sun.  This is a collection of keys found in the basement of our 1912 house when we moved in.
Rinse under water for about one minute.  The directions suggest adding a few drops of lemon juice to increase the intensity so we did that.  After a rinse, let dry on a clothes line or drying rack.  We found the colour became more intense as the paper dried.
We also used our alphabet letters to create words.  The girls made a birthday card for a friend.
We still have some of the special paper left over so we might try some of the more advanced project suggestions (such as using negatives) in the future.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Las Vegas

I grew up on a sleepy street. The first time I ever moved was when I left home for college.  My dad still lives in the same childhood home.  On that street, my sisters and I made strong friendships that are very full - well over 30 years of memories.   One of our girl friends has found her soul mate and she is getting married this autumn.  We had a little Vegas getaway to celebrate the pending nuptials.  The main group stayed at the Bellagio which is an extraordinary hotel and actually makes Patricia’s Schultz’s 1,000 Places to see Before You Die list (that is a book I purchased years ago and sometimes informs my bucket list!). My middle sister and my BFF stayed at the Vdara which is a modern hotel connected by a walkway to the Bellagio.  The Vdara is non-gaming, non-smoking (sort of the anti-vegas hotel :) and we loved it . 
Sharing photos and few words - as people are NOT supposed to talk about what goes on Vegas (pssst: I will share that I tried one slot machine - spent one dollar and won ten and used the winnings to buy an overprice fruit salad!)
Keeping it real with a little “off the strip shot”: loved the access to justice nature of this billboard. The law firm is actually named “Half Price Lawyers.” 
and here is a photo of me with the show girls outside the Flamingo! re the near matching outfits - we called each other first!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Strawberry Bag

I have been searching for a strawberry bag pattern for some time.  I purchased Fig Tree’s Berry Sweet Bag pattern and made one for Lily for her birthday. 
Actually, I love these bags so much I made three so we could all have one!
(Notes: I lined the bags with fusible fleece.   The strawberry fabric, above, is “Riley Blake - Fly A Kite: Strawberry Pink”. I was able to pick up a remnant for one dollar from Mad About Patchwork – Pam had a booth set up at the Quilts at the Creek show. She was selling some remnants that worked perfectly for my bags. The green Patty Young and Robert Kauffman fabric on the right bag below were also dollar remnants. I made three bags in about 4-5 hours, I am a slower cutter.)
I also wanted share photos of the strawberries my sister knit me for my birthday.  They are so amazing.  She used different shades of red so they are quite realistic.  (She used the pattern on Pezdiva’s flickr stream. )  The tea towel was also a birthday gift from my sewing pal.  It is one of the Vera towels from Crate and Barrel.
The strawberries have been very delicious this year.   This summer, we also tried to grow our own in pots (only two berries so far :)
P.S. Random: I forgot to post a photo of Lily blowing out her candles. She had many reasons to celebrate that day, including surviving a go kart ride with her mummy who has not driven in about a decade.
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