Sunday, May 6, 2012

The butterfly project


Last spring, we had a chance to visit the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory.   If you have plans to visit Niagara Falls this summer, you should include the Conservatory on your sightseeing list. 


Right now in Toronto, we are experiencing one of the largest painted admiral and painted lady migrations ever. The girls love butterflies so much that this year, I decided to try a home butterfly kit.  This week, we welcomed home 12 caterpillars in their 2nd instar.  {The caterpillars were ordered from here.}


Lily numbered each one and gave them names.




In addition to the migration,  the pink tulips are out and I had an opportunity to photograph my sewing pal’s Pink Ribbon Quilt at St. James Park, one of Toronto’s historic gardens.  The quilt is made from t-shirts from her annual participation in the CIBC’s Run for the Cure and it was stitched in memory of her late mother who battled breast cancer with courage.  Her Quilt is a top ten finalist (yeah!!) over at Stumble and Stitches and voting is going on right now until midnight (PST).  The link to the online vote is here .


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  1. Can't wait to the butterflies! And thanks for the plug. The photos of my quilt are spectacular. You certainly have an eye for staging! N

  2. KJ, this is fantastic!! I couldn't help but summon my family to gather around the computer and admire your project! I hope you are going to update us when they transform!!
    Vote request duly noted :) (and done)

  3. What a special quilt. Please keep us posted on the butterflies. How exciting. I especially love that each one of them has been named.

  4. Your girls are going to have so much fun with the caterpillars. What a great idea. I will definitely be checking out the kit. Can't wait to see the butterflies!

  5. Aww the butterfly names are so cute, especially the last one! Can't wait to see them grow!

  6. How very interesting to watch firsthand the metamorphosis of the caterpillars. Truly such an amazing process. And your friend's quilt is beautiful! Such a great way to use those t-shirts for a great cause. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Excellent, I think I like number 12 the best already. We've had caterpillars too (and ladybirds), the children love the whole process, and so do we actually. Such a great science lesson.
    Wonderful quilt, and what better cause could there be? I shall wend my way over to the link and investigate.

  8. Love Lily's sweet expression as she waits for her butterflies!! Adore her little list of names!!

  9. My mother in law does this with her 3rd grade class. One year she had to bring the butterflies home on break and we got to see them emerge from the chrysalis. It was amazing to watch. Your kids are going love it!

    Loved how your daughter named all of them, so sweet.

  10. How fun! The names crack me up. The tulips are gorgeous, as is the quilt.

  11. This first hand view of a butterflies life cycle is something I bet the girls will never forget. Awesome idea as usual KJ!


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