Monday, April 16, 2012



Nearly ten years ago, I took a continuing education urban gardening course.  The instructor, a local master gardener, encouraged us to keep lists of interesting plant specimens in our neighbourhood.   He would name off lists of local trees and plants and where you could spot them actually growing in someone’s yard.  These sorts of “neighbourhood plants lists” have become a bit of a habit us - sort of something we track when we walk the dog or on our way to school.  We will often change our route if we know something is about to bloom.  This weekend it was the magnolias.





IMG_9200 Magnolias hold a special place in early Tiffany glass making.  You may have seen this image before.


(Image via Sothebys)

At home, we recreated a “stained glass” magnolia window using contact paper, black cardstock, and tissue paper. I drew the magnolias free hand and cut them out with a craft knife. The girls applied the tissue paper.  {The contact paper technique is adapted from a past Wee Folk project that we have tried and although not entirely necessary the technique works well for young children and makes “stain glass” paper projects more durable.}



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  1. I love magnolias! Especially their rich and luxurious looks with a gorgeous palette of shades.
    Great project for the kids too!

  2. What a beautiful project. Gorgeous blooms too.

  3. Your pics are SO beautiful, KJ. Perfect inspiration for a stained glass project with the girls.

  4. I love the magnolias. Our magnolia tree (which I never photographed in bloom this year unless you count a pic of my parents in front of it) is similar to the last photo.

    Your project is fabulous!!! They look beautiful on the window.

  5. That's what I have outside my house! It's flanked by two magnolia trees and this spring i loved driving into our driveway, seeing the trees in full bloom!

    I do the same about learning names. Only i do that with birds. It's quite dangerous sometimes, especially when I'm driving, i have to fight the urge to birdwatch!

  6. How beautiful the magnolias are in your neighborhood. We have a huge magnolia grandiflora in our front yard.The girls' stained glass magnolias look so pretty on the window. :)

  7. Your photos are lovely. Again, such a fun project to do with your daughters.


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