Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crafting with my kids: Yarn Sheep


I spotted the project on Melissa’s great pin board, she always finds the greatest projects. You can find the link to the instructions over at the Inadvertent farmer or a slightly different variation at Gracious Rain.

I love this craft on so many levels – cardboard, bits of yarn, scraps of felt and clothespins – all wrapped up in Little House meets James Herriot kinda feel – and we had all the supplies on hand. 

IMG_2474 (Painting clothespins)

Plus, I’ve always loved sheep. In the 80s I really wanted this sweater, do you remember it?

diana-rex_1755087a (Image via All Things Princess Diana  - in case you are interested, the knitting pattern is available through Muir and Osborne.)

So here is our little flock of sheep on a mossy pasture.

The sheep at 12 and 3 o’clock are made with scraps of yarn from my aunt Carol’s collection.  I have mentioned before that my aunt passed away after a courageous battle with ALS.  Before she left us, she gave my sisters and I her yarn stash. There were a number of smaller bits of yarn that I wanted to preserve in some way and I think this was perfect.



We used pompom yarn for the sheep below, they are really cuddly.


It’s a really sweet craft and I don’t think I ever would have tried this project if it weren’t for pinterest.

I also think it would make a nice Sunday school activity (23 rd Psalm).

Happy Crafting,



  1. I want to do this project!! I even remember this sweater on Princess Diana...sigh. I am completely smitten with these sweet sheep. So very very sweet.

    PS. I have a special dollhouse post coming tomorrow. I can't wait until your package arrives.

  2. Cute! It would a great project for the nativity scene. :-)

  3. They turned out absolutely darling - the pom-pom yarn worked out well too.

    I really need to find time to craft with the girls. They are so good at making their own projects up lately that I haven't done anything formal with them. Maybe things will start to slow down soon and I can find a little time!!

  4. Oh... what an effect with the pompom yarn!! This is a super easy project and I think your little flock turned out fantastic!

  5. super cute with the pompom yarn & the bells :D

  6. These are adorable! Great use of your aunt's yarn. And I love that you included the pic of the Diana sweater :)


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