Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bento {the post where I tell you about how much I love Daiso}


I recently finished reading the book Fifteen Minutes Outside by Rebecca Cohen. It has some excellent tips on how to bond with your kids outdoors, year round.  One of the ideas that the author promotes is year around picnics outside.  I am trying to do more of that, but it takes some advance planning.  I picked up these Bento boxes at Daiso when I visited San Francisco in February.  They were perfect for our Sakura / Cherry blossom viewing picnic.

IMG_9153 If you have never been to Daiso it is real treat.  Daiso is a Japanese dollar store.  I had palpitations when I my sister drove me to the outskirts of SF  to this big one in Daly City (I had previously been only to the one on Market Street). These photos were taken in mid February.


Lots of Bento boxes


colourful silicon and paper liners

IMG_2182colourful food picks


and I love the variety of craft supplies

Colourful packing tapes (I left with several rolls)


Glassine bags


gingham paper bags in various sizes (I left with a package)


scrapbooking embellishments


rolls of craft felt, including printed craft felt


Felt buttons (I picked up a package of the apple ones)


Fun stationary sets (I picked up one for Lily)


There are also many unusual items, such as these little socks for chair legs


Shopping bags


Flags and koi kites


I could have taken a ton more photos, but I have decided you will have to see for yourselves.  Sadly there is only one Daiso location in Canada (in Richmond, British Colombia), hopefully one will open in my neck of the woods in the future.  In the meantime, it is always on my to-do list when I am in the San Francisco area.

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  1. Ooooooooooooooh the tape, the tape, the tape...

    Looks seriously cool. I wonder if there is one around here?

  2. Oh my goodness. I think you showed great restraint by not purchasing more cute things. How fun!

  3. Oh... your post is a real treat. There is no Daiso here to my greatest disappointment! I could get lost there for hours!!

  4. Ive always wanted to go to a daiso store. Your pics are absolutely drool worthy. I would have wanted to fill an entire suitcase with goodies. Have fun with your special picnics.

  5. how lucky for me that you posted this. we will be in san francisco in about 3 weeks. i'll be sure to visit the one on market street (assuming it's close to downtown sf where we are staying). so excited to pick up some goodies:)...if you have any other fun places to visit in sf let me know.

  6. Oh my flipping goodness! I just saw that they have an online US shop. I am about to go nuts over there. Thanks so much for sharing this, KJ!!!

  7. Ooooh I have to go here next time I'm in SF! Might be a while but had no idea this shop exists :) Thanx for sharing!

  8. i LOVE daiso!! it's probably a good thing that there isn't one nearby. i'd probably be broke in about 2 weeks.

  9. I love Daiso too! It was our go-to place for my sister's wedding. I too hope we get our very own Daiso soon.

  10. I love Daiso! In fact, I'm planning on going there today. I need to pick up more origami paper.

    Great pictures of the store.

  11. KJ I am almost heartbroken. I was in Vancouver on the day you did this post and could have gone to Daiso .. it looks amazing, just our sort of place. Boo hoo.
    Oh well, I guess my pocket is slightly richer as a result!
    Kate x

  12. So many cute things for crafting!!! I'm jealous you have such a big Daiso in Canada. The Daiso stores in Singapore are very small in comparison.


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