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I wanted to post about our Xcaret experience (pronounced sometimes ish-care-it or ex-caret).  Xcaret is an ecological park on the Mayan Riveria.  The park was about a 60 km drive from our Cancun accommodation, but well worth it and a wonderful opportunity to explore Mexico’s wildlife (particularly endangered species) and Mayan/pre-Hispanic history.

Lily especially enjoyed seeing the macaws.  During the past six years, over 750 red macaws have reproduced at Xcaret.


The girls also had a chance to release a sea turtle, as part of the sea turtle conservation program.


Lily named the turtle Leo and it was announced over the loud speaker (five seconds of fame).




…Leo swimming away for a new life.

IMG_8705 As a family, we completed the underground river swim – from time to time you may see pinners pin this particular swim on their travel pinterest boards. The rivers are salt water and “part of a large cave system that forms deep under the surface of the Yucatan peninsula.” 


The snorkel swim takes about 45 minutes to complete, the girls were very proud when they finished.  Here is a shot of Evangeline Hope and I.


Here are the Papatla Flying Men – a pre-Hispanic ritual.


Over lunch, the band played while we gorged ourselves on tacos, habaneros, and guac.


There are two chapels on the park. The St. Francis D’Assisi and the Chapel of Guadalupe.    The St. Francis chapel is located on the park’s highest point, whereas the Chapel of Guadalupe descends underground and the altar is surrounded by one of the underground rivers.



This is a just a small snippet of our Xcaret experience.  I have not shared photos of all of the wildlife, you will have to see it for yourself!   


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  1. I've heard of Xcaret. It looks amazing, KJ. What an experience. The underground river swim sounds so awesome. I would love to do this when my girls get a little older. What a great trip!

  2. Everything looks so cool! Your girls are so brave. Both of mine would FREAK OUT if a bird tried to sit on their heads like that!

  3. What fun. You should be very proud of your girls for such a long swim!! I don't know how to swim and the one time I went snorkeling with a life jacket, I got seasick!! :)

    The Guadalupe Chapel is stunning - what a neat place to get to visit.

    We are never in Mexico long enough to do anything to big...(now that we are old and like to sleep)...our first trip down we went to Chitzen Itza - and I have great pics but they are all film. Gasp!! I am definitely getting old.

    Tell your little ones that I am impressed by their swimming skills.

  4. What a trip of a lifetime. I'd love to take the girls on something so exciting. Your pictures are just gorgeous and your girls are indeed very very brave.

  5. did you try cenote diving? i'm glad you and your family had a great time!

  6. Gosh, this was fantastic!
    I always, I mean "always" love to read about your trips because you sure know how to do it the best!
    This would be our dream holiday - not just aimlessly losing time at a resort, but actually learn about the culture, traditions and customs.
    The releasing of sea turtles - that is something special and whenever there are documentaries of mother turtles laying eggs and little turtles getting hatched out we mind not to miss it so seeing this in real would really be something! And the underground swim - that was certainly a thrill! My compliments to the girls on the preseverence!

  7. What an amazing vacation. Great pictures too. I never head of Xcaret before, now I'm going to do a little research.

  8. Amazing. I am sure the memories will last your girls all their lives.

  9. Looks like you guys are just soaking up all kinds of good stuff on this trip. You must be so proud of your girls for being such great travellers. Good for you for not placing false limits on them!


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