Monday, March 26, 2012

Crafting with my kids: Faberge Eggs

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I have been teaching the girls about the Imperial Eggs and the story of Carl Faberge. I had a chance to see just a handful of these eggs on display when I visited the Armoury Museum at the Kremlin years ago.  Most of the 42 surviving Imperial Eggs are in private collections, but some are on public display around the world.   

One of my favourites of the Imperial eggs - which I have only seen in books - is the Lilies of the Valley Egg.


Image Via  Treasures of Imperial Russia (this book has photographs of many eggs)

The Faberge website has a very good introduction to story of the Imperial Eggs as well as its current collection.  A couple of weeks ago the house of unveiled its Diamond Jubilee Egg!


  For our Faberge-inspired masterpieces, we used styrofoam eggs, paint, glitter confetti and craft jewel stickers.


The girls painted the eggs.  To dry, just stick a tooth pick on the end of the egg and use a scrap piece of styrofoam as a drying space.



Then apply your bling!


and stand back and admire your artistry!

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  1. Love the eggs and the photo!

  2. How fun!! I need to think of some crafting that my girls can do while I'm recovering from foot surgery next week and these would loads of fun. Thanks for sharing!

  3. looks like a fun project ~ love the sparkly photos :)

  4. This is spectacular!
    I also admire Faberge eggs but didn't occur that I might undertake a project with my kids on the topic! Thank you for sharing this idea! I will certainly try it with my kids!

  5. You always come up with cute kid crafts.

    BTW, Lilly of the Valley is my favorite flower.

  6. So much fun! Actually HELD the Diamond Jubilee Egg the other day (post will follow), it was so nerve wrecking, it was the most expensive thing I ever held in my hands!

  7. Oh I much prefer your eggs than those by the famous F. Loving that hat too, is that essential for crafting and if so, wondering where I should get one!

  8. Great project, KJ. Looks like lots of fun :) The Lilies of the Valley Egg is gorgeous! I'm off to look into Tuxpi.

  9. oh the sparkly eggs you guys made are so pretty! great job everyone!

  10. The sparkly photos add the perfect touch!! The Lily of the Valley egg is gorgeous...

    P.S. Love your munchkin's hat!!


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