Thursday, March 15, 2012

Channelling Esther Williams

This post has nothing to do with craft and not something I generally post about, but maybe someone might be interested.

As a rule, I don’t clothes shop online. I certainly browse online, but rarely purchase.  After two babies, I can’t rely on anything to fit and prefer to try it on in advance before making a purchase (I don’t like making returns). Anyway, I broke my rule and purchased a swimsuit online.  When I told people about what I did they were interested in hearing more.


Image Via ModCloth

I really hate swimsuit shopping, more so after having never returned to my pre-pregnancy shape.   For the past decade, I have purchased swimsuits at two reliable retailers in my office tower.  I would quickly go in try something on and leave. Unfortunately, both shops disappeared due to a changing retail situation.   For this past vacation, I really needed a new suit as mine had disintegrated.   I decided to find one online.  I also only wear one pieces which are apparently a little out of vogue right now.

The first suit I purchased was the “Viola Suit” by Shabby Apple, however, the company made an inventory error so it never arrived – I did receive a refund. {I actually spotted this particular suit on one of Little Treasure’s great style pinterest board (here)}.

My sister then pointed out to me that Gilt was having a sale on Spanx swim suits. I immediately thought, “Spanx makes a swimsuit??? sign me up!”  Unfortunately, there were very few one pieces and not one was in my size.

I then found ModCloth. I am not very familiar with this shop, but decided to give it a try because they were featuring a line of retro inspired Esther Williams swimsuits.  I read each every one of the 130+ reviews concerning the “Bathing Beauty One Piece in Cherry Pie” before taking the plunge. {Apparently, ModCloth ships to Canada as well, although I shipped this suit to the States}.

I used the sizing information and purchased a size up just like most of the reviewers recommended and I am very pleased. It comes in both regular and plus sizes and so well made (made in the USA).  If you are kind of sensitive about your tummy as I am – the front is lined twice and ruched and hides imperfections well.  I am only hand washing the suit (there is boning material in the sides).

Lily was very nice and said I reminded her of Debbie Reynolds from Tammy and the Bachelor.  {She loves Debbie Reynolds, and even more so when she found out she is Princess Leia’s real life mummy}. My husband said I reminded him of Gidget (who I adore).

So here is it is (well the cropped version sporting 60+ SPF) - I think I was the only person wearing a one piece at the resort!


{I strategically placed the sun hat over my head to avoid being identified in any “I hope I don’t look like this when I am forty” pin boards.}

The gingham sun hat  is the Martha Stewart sun hat pattern. It is a bit floppier than the ones I have made in the past.  I recommend using heavier canvass weight.  IMG_8815

Like I said, I don’t normally post about these matters, but I wanted to share this positive experience for any of you who dislike swimsuit shopping.  I also went on to purchase another suit  (ruched halter tank) online this time from JCrew and also had a great experience in terms of fit – although that suit is not as unique.

If you have had a great online swimsuit shopping experience, I would love to hear about it.  I feel like I have discovered a whole new world.

Have a great day,



  1. You look darling (don't you hate those mean pin boards). :(

  2. I've been admiring these swimsuits as well and plan to get something like it (possibly this one) for this summer. I have a couple of them pinned.

    And you look great! Why would anyone ever pin you of someone they don't want to look like??!

  3. PS I didn't know there were mean pinboards. Now I'm going to have to find one out of curiousity.

  4. What an absolute darling suit!! You are just darling (hidden and all). An Esther Williams movie sounds fabulous. It's been ages since I watched one.

  5. you look great. i've bought swimsuits from jcrew online and had positive experiences but this one is sooo cute.

  6. thanks for sharing your online swimsuit shopping experience. I plan on buying a swimsuit bottom online ~ I have a swimsuit top I like a lot, but need a new bottom...
    swimsuit shopping is sooo difficult !

  7. Awesome swimming suit! I wish I looked that good in one.

  8. I've gotta post on my great suit that everybody asks me about. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Wow! That photo of you in the -I must say- STUNNING swimsuit - is gorgeous!! {and I am bit envious :P}
    I also love hearing other people's experience especially about buying clothes online. I haven't bought any swimsuits online though I have bookmarked shops selling spandex because I am determined to sew one myself.

  10. What do you mean hide yourself away, you look fabulous .. or at least your body does because we can't see the rest of you! I must admit I had to google Gidget as I didn't know whether your husband was being sweet or not .. yep, she's gorgeous too!

  11. KJ, you look great! I'm not even forty (yet --give me a few more years) and I would love to have as lovely a figure!

  12. I love that swimsuit and I think you look great in it! (Your pinterest comment made me laugh). The style is very appealing to me. I've had mixed success buying swimsuits online from Lands End. I usually get stuff on clearance... One recent purchase was disappointing... the bra cups were like bullets.

  13. i love Modcloth! And i absolutely adore the bathing suit you've picked out!! and with matching bag and floppy hat!

  14. Ah! You are so cute! I think that a great swimsuit experience is definitely blog worthy. You look amazing.


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