Sunday, February 12, 2012


Winter came this weekend.
We usually make these ice wreaths around Christmas, but this past Christmas was too mild.   We cut up some fruit which was on the verge of spoiling and put all of our Bundt pans to work.
Then we went sledding. I pulled them to the park!
IMG_2142 the trek up the hill
Little dare devil!
IMG_2149fun in the snow
{On a completely unrelated matter, my husband and I were very saddened to learn of Whitney’s passing.  She was a performer who transcended generations.  Both my daughters know all the lyrics to Whitney and Brandy's "Impossible"  – that version of Cinderella (1997) is probably one of their favourites – I picked up a VHS version at Value Village a couple of years ago and had never seen it - nor did I realize that they would enjoy it so much.  If your children enjoy the Cinderella story and musicals it is a wonderful interpretation.}



  1. You finally have winter! Your ice wreaths are beautiful. We haven't made any yet this winter, but after seeing your photos, I think we'll have to do some this week.

  2. happy winter :-)
    I was shocked to hear about Whitney...

  3. Oh your icy wreaths are so pretty KJ. Isn't it nice that winter has finally come? I've had an awfully frustrating season trying to build a rink for my little one. The weather hasn't cooperated at all. Now I'm not sure if I really believe it's actually here, so who knows if I'll keep trying...

    I'm still reeling over the Whitney story... So very sad...

  4. Beautiful winter pics. Congratulations on finally getting enough white stuff for sledding! Your icy wreaths are so pretty. My husband and I are still in shock over Whitney. What a horrible loss.

  5. Oh my you are having so much fun!!
    The icy wreath decorations you made are fantastic!
    Sad about Whitney. Once she got to the bottom she never seemed to spring back to her normal self. Somehow knew she is going to end this way...

  6. I love the photo of your daredevil. Bet Mama got a workout pulling them to the park!!

    We haven't had a winter yet either. We got the girls Zipfy sleds for Christmas that we got enough snow for to use once (and that snow lasted one day).

    I didn't even get photos because I was sick that day and hubs took them.

  7. Beautiful photos, KJ. We haven't had enough snow this year to have any winter fun :(

  8. The wreaths are awesome. I am glad winter has come your way! Just keep it for me ok? :)


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