Monday, February 6, 2012

Tinkerlab’s paper bag challenge

I have been reading the “My First Little House books” to my three year old. She loves this series and I was fortunate to find almost the entire series at the public library. 

For Christmas, my husband gave me the entire LHP series on DVD.  We usually watch one episode with the girls on Saturday or Sunday evenings.  This weekend, it was the episode entitled "the  Racoon" where there is a fear that Laura and her dog Jack caught rabies from a racoon named Jasper.
IMG_2117 IMG_2118

For the Tinkerlab’s paper bag challenge, Lily wanted to create a little Walnut Grove scene for her little sister.  Very easy, lunch bags (cut down) and oil pastels.

Lily made a funny announcement at supper.  She said the reason mummy loves Little House so much is “because the only villain is the bank examiner.”   I thought she might have mentioned Nellie Olson, but she didn’t – and I don’t think a lawyer figures prominently in the stories.
Her sister really enjoyed playing with her new paper bag toys. 

There are lots of paper bag projects linked up at Tinkerlab.  You find them here.
Wishing you a great week - I am hoping to post more regularly this week. The last two weeks of January were very busy at work and I sort of lost that “blogging rhythm”.
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  1. I have the biggest smile on my face. Wonderful job on this project. I used to love to act out Little House on the Prairie. We had a neighbor who enjoyed playing the role of Nellie Olsen. She definitely fit the part!

  2. I always enjoy reading about activities you undertake at home with the girls and it is amazing to see the girls participating and paying so much attention to details. This project {and the scenery} is phenomenal!!

  3. Nice job Lily!! What a loving thing to do for your little sister!!

    I love that you watch one episode a week on Sundays. We've done that with various shows (via Netflix). We watched all the first series of the BBC's "All Creatures Great and Small" that way and we've watched two of David Attenborough's "Life of " series that way. Now we are watching the animated Redwall series that way.

    Great minds and all that. :)

  4. This all reminds me of my childhood. I loved Little House on the Prairie as a child.

    Really neat little paper bag houses too. I'll have to check out Tinkerlab...

  5. The Little House series was my thing when I was a little girl. In fact, I had passages of the books memorized and would read them over and over! When I was in college, my mom and grandmother bought me the Ashton Drake dolls for several birthdays. Tori really enjoys the two My First books I have been able to find at discount book stores. One of my dreams is to go on one of the Laura Ingalls Wilder pilgrimages.

    Lily is such a great big sister!
    PS--The pet raccoon episode is one of my favs!

    Happy Monday!

  6. Love your LIttle House small world scene made with paper bags!! I love the series when I was younger, and I hope I will be able to share them with my daughter.

  7. This is so lovely. I have the box set from when I was little, a little battered now but definitely waiting for a resurgence. I tried a few years ago with my girl but she wasn't up for them .. perhaps she is ready now. I hope so, I'm desperate to read them again!


  8. Such a cute idea to turn a bag into a house. You always come up with/find fun projects for you children.

  9. This is so incredible. I have little boys and I would love it if they had a passion for these kinds of activities. These are fantastically done. My kids used to go to a Waldorf school and this was exactly the kind of project I loved that they'd do.

  10. That's a really good and creative challenge for a little one. Look forward to looking to seeing more!

  11. Great project, KJ. I love that Lily wanted to make these for EH :) I remember that Little House episode about rabies!


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