Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Diana Ross Valentines

So this is what we are working on this week.  I don’t want Lily to feel like a Valentine’s Day is a chore so we just work on a few love messages each day.
Between the girls, there are about 64 to handout.
Last year, post-Valentine’s Day clearance, my sister and I picked up these a few bags of sheriff badges at a Target in California. There were 16 badges in each bag for about 25 cents.  My middle sister made us some printable "Stop! in the Name of Love" cards.  I cut a small slit on the card and inserted the badge.
IMG_2121Lily is pleased with them and I am happy they coincided with her interests in horses and cowgirls.   When I was researching cowboy and cowgirl Valentines I came across a wonderful post over at the Vintage Valentine Museum with so many cute ones.
cowboyvalentine val_cowboy1  I thought I would also share the love bug valentines my nephew made with “on clearance” cherry candy canes.
These love bugs use Family Fun’s new butterfly template and  Allan’s Big Foot Cherry candy canes (certified peanut free) which were available in January at the Bulkbarn on great reduction.
1. Trace and cut the Family Fun template onto red or pink cardstock
IMG_3826 IMG_3827
2. Cut slits for candy cane body
3. Use pipe cleaners for antennae (twist around the candy cane)
3. Address and decorate with Valentine stickers or foamies
5. Admire your work! (and make another!)
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  1. Adorable ideas for Valentines. I'm especially smitten with the sheriff badge valentines. Josie would love to wear a badge. I'm keeping this idea tucked away for next year!

  2. Yes, adorable indeed!
    Good thinking you bought the stars then - they surely are a fantastic Valentine gift ... but 64! Wow!

  3. Very cute. I am so glad your daughter liked them!! Your nephews Valentines are sweet and remind me of the ones the girls made two years ago.

    I found some vintage Raggedy Ann clip art and made little cards that said "Candy Hearts are the Best Hearts" and made hearts using two clearance candy canes glued together.

  4. Don't you know that the girl's classmates will just love those. I am so looking forward to making some Valentines this weekend with my kids and their friends. Oh how I wish I could just take a day off and play!

    Thanks for sharing these adorable ideas...

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. These are darling. I need to get some Valentines going quick. :)

  6. Diana Ross!!! These are insanely awesome, KJ. Love!

  7. that's so neat that every time i come to your blog, i take away ideas for craft activities for my kids at the museum! THANK YOU, KJ!

  8. The Diana Ross Badge Valentines are going to be loved by the kids I'm sure of it. Amazing how many there are to put together. We only have 21 to make thank goodness. (Maybe we should start on those eh?)

    Thanks for sharing the vintage ones... man, they were sweet back then.

  9. The Dianna Ross Valentines are so cute! Sharing this on twitter.


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