Sunday, January 15, 2012




It was so, so frigid this weekend.  We spent some time outdoors, but not our usual amount.  This is one of our indoor activities.

In the fall, someone on my street was throwing out this beauty.


I quickly and carefully grabbed it.   I knew it would be a source of winter amusement.   It was.

This weekend, we went to check out the plants and all of their promise ..


 Caption: hmmm, I think we need a Money Tree

IMG_1866 IMG_1867 to set up our terrarium .

IMG_1891 Lily takes Ojibwa classes and she wanted to set the terrarium up with tepees, totem poles, and Indians.


IMG_1904 We added one of those LED battery operated light strands (I love, love LED light strands), so we can watch the terrarium over dinner.


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  1. KJ, I love this! Before the holiday break, I went into to Ninna's school to talk to the science teacher and learn a little bit more about her class. He had just been given an old aquarium by a family, and he was planning to turn it into a terrarium. Of course I immediately said that we must do this at home! I'll start looking at craigslist soon. I'm sure we're bound to find a free one somewhere. I'd love to make something with a real animal in it too, or at least just some snails or something.

    Yeah...because I need more creatures to take care of...

  2. It looks fantastic! I love the arrangement of plants inside along with the Indian! That gives the terrarium a lot of character :)

  3. Wasn't it a cold one. A great indoor activity. Hope the money tree brings you good fortune.

  4. I cannot believe all the things you find for free (that other people are getting rid of) !!
    I noticed the Playmobil, we like Playmobil around here, too :)

  5. Very cool idea. I'm sure the girls are loving it.

  6. So fun. I love the Indian theme!

  7. Oooh I was so excited - when I saw your post title because I have some terrarium ideas - but wow - not to your scale - what a great find. I bet they do have fun with it.

  8. "Great rescue! What I love about this terrarium besides the beautiful plants you selected - that the theme can be changed with the seasons or as interests change and grow. Tepees today - who knows tomorrow.

    I am with you on LED lights! I place strands of them around my window frames. It is amazing what a happy, warm glow they provide on gloomy days."

  9. LED string lights are one of my newest favorite things. I bought some at Target after Christmas that have bitty hearts!

    You just have to be one of the coolest moms in Canada. Your girls are so blessed to have you! The newest addition is awesome...Thanks for always sharing your great ideas with us.

    Many hugs!


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