Monday, January 23, 2012

Lunar New Year Celebrations


We get a CNY photo each year and I send them out to our relatives using the corresponding Canada Post stamp. 

Each year, they wear a different outfit and I have always been able  to find an outfit second hand. The outfits above were $1 each at St. Vincent de Paul.  Last year, for the year of the Rabbit, they wore pink.

Jan-07-11-1  This weekend, I took the girls to see the lion dance at the Brickworks and we also went to a CNY party.






Members of Toronto’s Chinese Symphony Orchestra

IMG_1948China Town







I figured out how to make lucky red envelope fishes {this video is so helpful}

IMG_1890 IMG_1887 If you are going to a party, it is a nice touch to add a paper fish to some blossoms as a hostess gift.  The wealth doll is available free from Canon (it took me nearly an hour to put together!).

IMG_1988 For the party, Lily wanted a special hairstyle. One of the student teachers at her school wears chopsticks so she asked that I give that style a try.


Evangeline Hope at the party – she loves parties, noodles, and dumplings. IMG_2000 IMG_2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai,



  1. I'm sooo jealous. I wish we had all those opportunities in our community. I can't believe how inexpensive you are able to get clothing for your girls. Your pictures are just gorgeous. I can't wait to visit Josie's kindergarten later this morning to celebrate CNY with her classmates. She's been excited all weekend.

    Happy "Year of the Dragon"!!

  2. wow! between you and kim I feel like Im missing out on a major holiday! I need to make a dragon I think.
    your girls are adorable and I cant believe you found those outfits for that little! amazing!
    Have a great day

  3. I am with Kim on this! You get to go at the greatest of parties and have loads of fun! Thank you for sharing your adventures. I compensate the gap with your stories and pictures! Love the girls' kimonos especially E.H's. The color of hers is fab!

  4. Gong Hey Fat Choi! Looks like a lot of fun in Toronto and more happening than here!

    Agy xx

  5. Wow! I can't believe you purchased the girls dresses for such a great price. Oh how I wish we had such neat communities nearby. I would love to take Tori to Chinatown, so that she could experience an Asian market. Maybe one of these days, we can take her back to China and the town of her birth.

    Tori is celebrating today with her friends at preschool. I hope to get my pictures organized and posted from this weekend. We have so much to share!

    Thanks for the tips on the fish envelopes! I will have to give it a try.

    Happy CNY!

  6. Happy New Year!

    I enjoyed looking at all the photos. Your girls are adorable.

  7. Forgot to mention, my kids are bringing the lanterns you sent me last year to school to show their classmates. :)

  8. looks like you have very vibrant China town in Toronto, I've never been to a China town, it looks so exotic !

  9. Happy CNY! The girls are so darling in their dresses.

  10. Aww man! You went all out to celebrate Chinese New Year with your kids! I didn't even do any of that this year. Your pictures make me miss home... The girls look so adorable in their Chinese outfits!

    And is that a picture of durians i see? I love durians!! Have you ever tried them? My husband can't really stand the texture, but was game enough to try them when we were in Singapore.

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  11. Gorgeous dresses for your gorgeous girls. You have the thirfty eye, methinks. I never find deals like that when I go thrift shopping!

  12. Your girls look absolutely darling.

  13. Fantastic photos, KJ. The girls' dresses are beautiful... what a find!

  14. Love the field trips! Enter your dollhouse woman!

  15. Toronto for the CNY would be amazing! Maybe we need to plan a trip for next year? Great pics, and I love the yearly photos of the girls!


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