Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The doll house

"A wonderful thing is going to happen!"
- Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House, Act 2

I thought I would share the photos of the doll house we gave the girls for Christmas. 
Back in late August, a gentleman was cleaning out a window display in my office tower concourse. He was taking out a large structure which looked very similar to Land of Nod’s wooden book case/ doll house (but in cardboard!). I asked him if I could take it. He phoned his boss and said I could have it, if I took it right then.  So I did. The house stayed in my office until the eve of Christmas eve.  My husband tried to pick it up in the car but his efforts were thwarted by a large demonstration which closed the roads in front of my building and kept him stuck for a very long time.
I ended up carrying the house home on the street car.  It wouldn’t have fit in the little Jetta  anyway.  Here is it on the street car.
This is how it looked under the tree. It appears almost as large as our tree.
As part of the gift, we gave the girls some thrifted furniture which I collected over the past couple of months as well as a pad of scrapbook paper so that we could decorate the house together.
Over the holiday week, this is what we put together.

This is the main living room.  The floor has faux bois contact paper. The doily rug is a cake decoration from the 50s or 60s. I always pick up plastic cake decorations, they are great for doll houses and pretend play.   The fixture hanging from the ceiling is an ornament my youngest daughter made when she was two (yarn, glue, and a balloon technique).  The star ornament is from Ikea’s 2011 Christmas collection.
The chairs are wire cage champagne chairs. As you can see from the close up below, the table is made from a balsa wood container (the sort that holds some unripened cheeses) – I added 3 corks as legs, embellished with trim.
IMG_1768 I found two helpful tutorials on hanging doll house curtains (here and here).
The pink Christmas tree the girls wanted.
Top floor bedroom with one of the miniature point blankets we created in July.
The sewing / craft studio.  Complete with a dress form, chalk board,  easel, and a stash of fabric.
I have always wanted a room with a fortuny chandelier {image via }
Notice the yellow parasol.  I used ribbon/trim as wainscoting.  You will see another 50ish cake decoration on the side table.
The other end of the same room and another cheese table.
This is the bottom floor bedroom. Lily wanted it in pinks and reds.  The sunburst mirror is an old CD embellished with trim.
The carpeting is an old needlepoint.
The kitchen still needs some work.  It does have a tile floor, a chalk board framed in washi tape, and a mouse hole.
I know very little about the world of miniatures (but now starting to see my world through it).   The scale of this house is not continuously accurate and the furniture is a hodge podge of what was collected and donated.  The house isn’t a family heirloom, but it is for my girls to enjoy. And they absolutely love it.   I think the doll house project will encourage us to create a few miniature sewing projects and perhaps a few beginner sewing projects for Lily.  
Little one has now requested that I stop taking photos as I am interrupting her story.
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  1. Squeal!! I'm so proud of your dollhouse. It's absolutely fantastic!! I've been eagerly awaiting the big reveal after you admitted your special secret. You wallpaper is just darling. You really did a beautiful job on all the little details.

  2. I might squeal in delight as well because this is stunning! I am head over heels in love with your dollhouse and what a fab job you did with it! Every room is fantastically equipped with amazing little details! I can only imagine the girls' happiness!

  3. May I live here?! What a great doll house. You girls (and you) are going to have so much fun playing in it. Love it!

  4. !!!
    it's so huge ! what a great find & you saved $299 !!! what a deal (I love deals)
    I'm amazed by all the details & how very fun that you decorated it with your girls...
    I wish my daughter would play with her dollhouse, I'll have to think of ways to encourage her to play with it...

  5. Happy New Year my friend. I wish you all the best for 2012.

    this dollhouse is amazing.


  6. Both of my girls looked over your dollhouse tonight before dinner and are convinced it needs to live in their dollhouse neighborhood.

  7. Kim & the gang, thanks so much - it would be so much fun to be on the same street :)

  8. Oh, I love, love, love the craft room - totally creative!!

    However, what got me excited was the tea set. It looks remarkably like one I got when I was a flower girl as a small child. My aunt gave it to me as a gift.

    The flowers are slightly different but the shapes of the pitcher, sugar bowl, and cups are the same. My set includes a creamer, two saucers for the cups and a large saucer/tray that holds the entire set. :)

    Sorry - sometimes it is the little things!!

  9. This is the most amazing dollhouse I have ever seen!!!

  10. This is amazing! We used to have that exact same bookcase!! I love how you made each shelf look like it's own little room!

    thanks for linking up!!

  11. That is an amazing and wonderful doll house. I love that you brought it home on a street car!

  12. KJ, I love the personal touches and that it isn't uniform. What a treasure for you and your girls.

  13. wow! that's one really pretty doll house! i love that ibsen play! i did theatre when i was in college.

    and happy new year KJ! I tagged you here!


  14. Hi,
    I've awarded your blog the Versatile Blogger Award!
    Stop by my blog to receive it!


  15. holy mack you guys got a ton done on your doll house. I adore all the little touches and familiar objects. The cheese box tables and wine cage chairs (those are just awesome. I've been collecting the cages too and now finding inspiration here, hurrah!). The little rugs, the mirror (so smart). I'm just amazed at your creativity. What a fantastic thing you've created together. I'd love to come over and play too!

  16. That is INSANELY creative and adorable. All the details are amazing. Great work!
    Stopping by from Learning Table. Congrats on the blogging award

  17. OH MY GOSH - you are my hero. Every little corner is adorable! You always inspire me with your follow-through. :-) I feel like I would be tempted to give up after the first room -- but every square inch is cute, cute, cute!

  18. I just found your gorgeous blog and had to stop by to say hello! I will be following you I just love your posts! Have a blessed weekend, Jennifer ♥

  19. that dollhouse is adorable! I got one quite a few months ago and sadly it is still sitting in it's box. Not because I don't want to put it together and decorate all the rooms, oooh I do! and thats the problem, if i get started on that i fear i will never stop and therefore not getting anything else accomplished! I love the rooms in your dollhouse, so adorable!
    I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

  20. Words cannot describe how awesome this is, KJ. The girls must be in love. I can't believe how amazing it looks all decorated up. The parasol is my favorite part :) Incredible job!

  21. I know I am late in seeing this, but I had to comment. What a wonderful doll house. You have done an amazing job. It is so lovely.

  22. I am so in love with this dolls house, I am a very bright green with envy. It's wonderful.. I am trying to decide which bit is my favourite, but it's impossible..! I hope your girls have many happy hours playing with it.

  23. So adorable!! I made a dollhouse for my niece last year and had such a blast.

  24. WoW! I am amazed by all your upcycling ideas. My favorite is the CD mirror. Definetly pinning this so I can make my daughter some of your fabulous items!


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