Monday, December 5, 2011

St. Nicholas Day

Several years ago a family from Switzerland moved to our neighbourhood. I was keen to learn about their Christmas traditions and how St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in Europe.  I decided to incorporate the account of St. Nicholas as one of our Advent activities.

This site has excellent information about the story of St. Nicholas and the celebration of his feast day around the world.

Tonight, the girls left their boots out next to their St. Nicholas nutcracker.


Maybe they will get up on time tomorrow :)



  1. Beautiful St. Nicholas nutcracker and I love seeing 'real' boots next to him...

  2. I just got done with putting out the St Nicholas goodies & took photos...
    hoping you'll share photos from tomorrow

  3. Muy bonito. En Catalunya se celebra el dia de San Nicolas en Montserrat (Monasterio Benedictino)Se elige a uno de los monaguillos como "Bisbetó" (Obispillo) y es el que manda durante todo el día. Besos

  4. They certainly did! The nutcracker is adorable!


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