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Sock Monkey Egg Cozies {A sewing tutorial}

If you are visiting from Gwen’s Haul out the Holly, thanks so much for coming over!

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Gwen is one my bloggy-friends.  We started our blogs about the same time and I have watched her blog grow, followed her sewing projects carefully, and participated in the Portfolio dress sew-a-long that she and Chris hosted.  She is a kind blogger, a talented sewist and loves fabric.   I am excited to participate in her 2nd annual Haul out the Holly blogging event, which features 15 tutorials/tips/ideas for one crafty Christmas {you can find this years projects here}.

I like thrift, nostalgia, and tradition - especially around the holidays.  This year, I have had sock monkeys on my mind.  Sock monkeys kind of scream Christmas and I was excited to get my hands on some yardage of  Moda’s Santa Little Helper fabric which is very fun and festive.      
I actually bought this particular fabric in the red colourway to sew a skirt {it’s the “change your mind” skirt from 1-2-3 Sew} for my older daughter. Here is the skirt, it is reversible (Hello Kitty Valentine’s Fabric on the other side). It takes her from December to February.
IMG_1540 IMG_1541
Anyway, an egg cozy is the sort of thing that you do not see very often in North America, so it could be perfect for that person who seems to have everything. In addition, the project uses small pieces of fabric (which by today is probably all you have left in your festive fabric stash). 

I have fond childhood memories of my soft boiled eggs served in a “Bunnykins egg cup” (like this one) with a handwritten message on the egg shell. 

For Christmas, I wanted to create a couple festive cozies to keep our family’s eggs warm. For me, one of the best parts of the holidays is a lazy breakfast with my family - instead of the morning scramble (e.g. cereal in a ziploc, banana and a  danino to go) which has become my family’s routine.  So, I have put together a photo tutorial to show you how I made our cozies.
Egg Cozie Instructions
This particular cozy is designed to fit a Maxwell and Williams White Basics Egg Cup. I find these egg cups for 99 cents at my kitchenware shop.  The perimeter of the circle is just over 6 inches at its widest point and probably fairly standard in size.
For each egg cozy, you will require an exterior fabric – in this case the sock monkey fabric (2 squares 5 X 5 inches); a lining fabric – in this case I chose polka dot (2 squares 5 X 5 inches);  and a cotton batting or insul bright, again 2 squares 5 X 5 inches. IMG_1489Clip your each five inch squares so that the upper corners are curved, see below.   Try to cut everything to the same size, otherwise you may run into some troubles when you fit all of the pieces together.  Also, use the same seam allowance throughout, about 1/8th.
For the exterior fabric, put right sides together and place about 3.5 inches of folded ribbon in the center top.  You will then stitch the perimeter leaving the straight bottom edge open. As shown.
Turn right side out and this is what it should like. You can press now.
Hopefully, at this stage the lining/batting and the exterior fit neatly inside each other.

Now you should and I hope you end up with something that looks like this.
If you want to make your cozy extra festive, you can add a bell or two to the ribbon.  Breakfast is served!
I hope that seems clear, let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for stopping by and Gwen, thanks so much for having me! 

Before I sign off and since this is “Haul out the Holly”, I must share one of my recent thrifty purchases – a knitted holly bush tea cozy. I just couldn’t pass it up (a bargain at 50 cents) and well, everything looks better with a cozy, non?
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Kj I admire you! I really do! You are willing to try a project and make it look hundreds of dollars worth.
    I love this project and the fabric you've used for it. The cozy (!!precious!!)is indeed a bargain and I wouldn't have passed it up either!
    Happy holidays!

  2. Makes me want to eat boiled eggs! Lovely idea.

  3. This fabric is adorable! What a unique project, KJ. I think this would brighten anyone's breakfast table :) Thanks so much for being a part of Haul Out the Holly again this year, friend.

  4. How fun! The fabric is just perfect.

  5. absolutely right on about the cosy! score! i didn't know sock monkeys was a Christmasy thing. But thanks for sharing the tutorial! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and loved ones this holiday season!

  6. What a unique addition to the breakfast table...I'm going to make some!

  7. Hi and Merry Christmas to you and your family! I'll be back late January. Your tea cosy was such a bargain and the Christmas play must have been so inspirational. We had our night of Carols and items at church last night and it was fantastic too.


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