Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fourth Sunday of Advent – Peace (& Angels)

We have been involved in and/or enjoyed three Christmas shows since Thursday evening.
Lily had her choir concert on Thursday evening and her Nutcracker ballet on Saturday evening (I will post about the Nutcracker separately). 
Today, we went to see The Christmas Story. It is a Nativity Pageant that takes place at Holy Trinity Church, the second oldest church in Toronto which is {perhaps ironically} situated outside Toronto’s downtown shopping centre.   The Christmas Story is the oldest continuous running Nativity pageant in the city (it is in its 74th year).
We participated in the Christmas Story in 2008 and since then we have been attending each year.  The production is amazing. The account is narrated and the actors – all volunteers - are silent, but magnificent.
There is a professional choir which sings from the back of the church. 
The lighting is professional and effective. Here is the star from the East.
Lily had her photo taken with the Angel Gabriel after the show.
It was the perfect evening. We came home to veggi-chili (thank you slow cooker) and then watched the Bells of St. Mary (with Jimmy Stewart and one of my favourite actresses, Ingrid Bergman).
Before I sign off, I thought I would share a very interesting thrifty find.  Our local St. Vincent de Paul had a number of these angels from Zurich’s Felix Daetwyler pastry shop.
IMG_1500   IMG_1501
One of the red angels came home with us.
We had just a wee time to craft this weekend. 
While her little sis was napping, Lily made her sibling gift – peppermint playdough.  We have a tennis court around the corner from us, so I  always stop by to collect the empty tennis ball containers. They are perfect for homemade playdough.  After making the dough, she decorated the container with ribbon and gift wrap.
IMG_1597 IMG_1600
I also tried out  Kim K's walnut bassinet ornaments.  So sweet!
IMG_1623 IMG_1624
i am really looking forward to Christmas!



  1. the wings on the Angel Gabriel are absolutely AMAZING !!! I wonder what they're made of? paper? foam?
    such a clever idea repurposing the (FREE!) tennis ball containers for playdough storage/gift container.
    Merry Christmas to you & your family !

  2. Such beautiful pictures. I love your thrifty angel finds. Your angel themed weekend is a perfect way to kick off the Christmas week countdown.

    Christmas hugs.

  3. Thanks ladies! Wishing you and yours a happy Christmas.

    I have seen the wings backstage and do believe the wings are constructed by a type of foam. They are huge, but very well constructed and sort of sit on the actor with a corset attachment, they are not too heavy because of the foam. It is a very special costume.

  4. Although I rarely comment, I visit every new post. I love to see how you and your family enjoy every day of every holiday (and the ones in between). Happy holidays to you and yours! <3


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