Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Greenery


I planted an amaryllis on November 11th and it now just about to put on a show.  I have been reading an interesting book called Swedish Christmas Traditions. A third of the book is devoted to “Christmas Flowers.”   The arrangements are unexpected  like this one – mini tulips and kumquats.


I was motivated this year to incorporate more real greenery in my Christmas decorating. Unfortunately, my paper whites did poorly – only two blooms from six bulbs. I did make an attempt at a little yule log centerpiece.  The tree lot is a great place to find free stumps from  Christmas trees (yeah, free crafting supplies).  I just drilled a whole in each stump using a bit large enough to fit my candles. I just added some cedar branches and the beeswax dipped pine cones we made last year. Everything fits on an old silver tray. 



Along the same lines as tree stumps, is this neat idea, I have seen it a few places.  Saw off a disk from the bottom of your tree trunk and make a year ornament.  This is image is from Family Fun.  I saved the disc from our tree and plan to try this.

tree-circles-christmas-craft-photo-260-FF1200ORNAMA03 This week, I also had the chance to see the Allan Gardens Christmas Flower show. There are 2500 to 3000 poinsettias on display, as well as other winter blooms.







Today, was our office potluck. My colleague, who I call the Baking Barrister,  made the most amazing yule log / buche noel.  The recipe is based on this one by Martha.  She even made a little marzipan squirrel.

IMG_1670The mushrooms are meringue and very realistic. It was a very special desert and a labour of love.


I hope you are having a great week.  I thought I would sign off with this thrifty gem [TI Speak and Spell c. 1978].


 Friend {to Lily}: why does your Leapfrog Tablet look different?

Lily: mine is from the olden days.




  1. Oh. this was such a great post! I enjoyed it thoroughly!
    First you had me with the mini tulips - I fell in love with the idea immediately! Secondly, your centerpiece is divine - the candles in the stumps make such a natural and lovely decoration!
    Lily's reply is precious! I love things from the olden days too!!

  2. Your centerpiece is just fabulous and I'm completely in love with your colleague's yule log. We have a chain of store's called World Market that sell chocolate toadstools. They would be perfect for the yule log. I seriously would love to attempt something like this for the girls. I haven't thought about speak-n-spell in ages. Love the flash back!

    Merry Christmas, dear friend!

  3. I love to have an amaryllis for Christmas, and it has to be red, of course! Beautiful centerpiece, yet another cracking idea and your friend's Yule log looks fab, that mushroom looks so realistic.
    Merry Christmas to all you kite flyers, it's been a lot of fun blogging with you this year KJ.
    Kate xxx

  4. Oh, the olden days!!! Love it!
    My great-great grandfather immigrated from Sweden to the US in 1899. It's a part of my ancestry that I've always identified with. I would love to read a copy of that book. I think it would be fun to incorporate more Swedish traditions in our family, aside from our angel chimes. :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, dear friend.

  5. free stumps from the Christmas tree lot ~ what a great idea !!
    the Christmas flower show looks like it was beautiful !!!
    PS in case you didn't already know you can play Speak n spell online:

  6. I love amaryllis and Christmas cactus and observatories and - so many things. If we did live trees - I would so do the ornament idea - it is very cool.


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