Sunday, November 20, 2011

Star Wars Birthday Party


This weekend was my nephew’s 5th birthday.  My sister had everything under control, but needed my assistance stitching up ten Jedi robes.  We had a marathon sewing session on Friday evening with two machines going non-stop.  Simplicity 8874  was modified to create these robes (size 5).  The fabric was on clearance and/or thrifted and the pattern was found second hand so each worked out to about $2 (labour not included).

IMG_1220 IMG_1223 IMG_1227 IMG_1229

Lily didn’t want to be a Jedi knight. She had her heart set on on being Wicket, an Ewok.   I created an Ewok costume by using two chocolate brown towels and this surfer poncho tutorial (by the Funky PolkaDot Giraffe). I added ears to the hood and put together a second terry hood out of some yellow terry. A couple of props (a walking stick and suede bag for treasures) and voila!  (It can now be reused as a beach towel).



Lily has a very interesting smile right now. She has lost so many teeth.


I decided to go as Princess Leia (minus the metal bikini).  I used the angel costume from Simplicity 9982 and two dollar store hair extensions.  I was going for this look.  I added a tin foil necklace (great idea over at the Long Thread).

princess_leia(image via)

Evangeline Hope reluctantly agreed to wear a white gown as well (Made By Rae’s pierrot tunic modified).  My nephew, below, bottom right is Obi-Wan.  Darth Vader in this photo is a cardboard standup.


The craft was a little snow globe, one of the projects in Bonnie Burton’s Star Wars Craft Book.  My middle sister was unable to come due to distance, but she put together all of the graphics for the invites and labels.

IMG_1301 IMG_1302 IMG_1244 IMG_1262





A Jedi master played a number of games with the knights and there was some saber training  with Darth Vader and pool noodles.



A birthday is not complete without cake.  My sister found the R2D2 droid cake (from 1980) on ebay.  She had it shipped to Ottawa from New Mexico.


She took the special pan to a local baker who did an amazing job.


My sister also did a great job on the decorations.  She found a pair of men’s Star Wars pajama’s at Walmart and used the fabric to create a few buntings.  The table cloth was a Star Wars drape found at the Goodwill.




The Darth Vader treat buckets were found on sale after Halloween and make a nice balloon anchor.


It was a very special day to honour a very special little guy in our family.



Have a great week,



  1. What an awesome party! I'd soooo want to be there to soak in all the details. Your costumes are just marvelous. What fun pictures. What a fun 5th birthday party!! Even the cake is amazing!

  2. sewed 10 Jedi robes !?! made a bunting from Star Wars pajamas !?! Amazing !
    I would have never thought to take my own special cake pan to the local baker ~ thanks for that idea !
    I just put the Star Wars craft book on hold at my local library (isn't the internet great!?!)

  3. What a party - nice job to everyone in your family who contributed to the party!!

  4. My Gosh! What a stunning party you had!!
    I scrolled up and down to get all the details and I think you and your sister did quite an amazing job! I love everything, from costumes to decorations. All the little details make up for an exquisite and memorable birthday! Happy birthday to Haakon!
    P.S. The picture of the "toothless" Lily is precious!

  5. Wow, so much work. The snowglobe craft, the cake, the Jedi costumes: everything was just perfect. Plus, it looks like everyone had a blast!

    Oh and btw, you look lovely as Princess Lea, KJ!

  6. So many great details! I need to make sure I close the tab on this post, because if my husband sees it, he's going to want the same for HIS birthday!

  7. What a perfect party! Lily looks adorable. My goodness what fun you all had together.

  8. This is so great! I love your costume, and that photo of Lily, resting her head on her walking stick, really cracked me up! Great job KJ and AJ!

  9. Oh my gosh -- your little ewok is too precious. So cute!!!!

  10. Wow, what a labour of love. He'll remember the birthday forever!

  11. You guys did such an amazing job! The snow globes! The cake! The costumes! I went as princess Leia for Halloween when I was about six. I can't wait for the opportunity to do it again. As soon as I decide my kids are ready to watch the movies, I will. I love your daughter's toothless grin :).

  12. Wow, such a lot of effort you put into that KJ, I'm sure they all had a brilliant time and well done you for entering into the spirit of it too. Love the costumes .. may the force be with you!

  13. So creative! I'm planning a Star Wars-Theme party for my son as well.


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