Monday, November 28, 2011

New Skills: Learning to Knit. Baby Steps.


I had one of those Carolyn Ingalls’ moments and I decided that I wanted to learn to knit dish cloths.  My husband wondered can’t we get these sorts of items at the dollar shop…hmm that’s not the point.  At our recent workplace charity craft sale one of my colleagues was selling knitting lessons.  A group of us have been meeting once week during our Friday lunch break and learning to knit.   It was timely because I was also able to follow along with Wee Folk Art’s newbie knitting series and tried out their dishcloth/ washcloth patterns.


So I have been busy and I have become a streetcar knitter - if I am fortunate to get a seat on the streetcar I knit to and from the office.




All of the yarn is 100% cotton by Bernat.

If you are aware of some easy knitting patterns that might be a step up from dish cloths, I would love to hear about them!



  1. oh, I like the designs of these dish cloths, I've been knitting a lot of Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth:
    & I'd like to try something different to mix it up a bit.
    Have you already joined ravelry?
    If so, what's your username? I'm saganaga :o)

  2. I haven't joined ravelry yet, but I think I just might as I really am enjoying this new skill! thanks so much for the link, I am off to check it out. I still have a few more balls of cotton yarn!

  3. Wow! I am seriously impressed - I just buy them at the thrift store. :)

  4. You have been busy KJ! They look great.

  5. These are fab KJ! Chunky and so sweet!
    You are a neat knitter :)
    You may try Lion Brand - they have some gorgeous and easy patterns!

  6. Great job KJ! I am feeling inspired to try to teach myself to knit now! Check out Ravelry for sure, there are tons of patterns, and a lot of them are free.

  7. I'm seriously impressed. Beautiful colors. Streetcar knitting sounds so romantic...

  8. Your washcloths look great! You'll be knitting sweaters in no time.

  9. Good for you! Knitting is great.

    I second the Ravelry recommendation, although it's ADDICTIVE! If you want to stick to dishcloths, there are a lot of fun designs you can incorporated into your cloths...butterflies, reindeer, even a Superman logo (all of which are on my to-make list this year). Happy knitting.

  10. Lunch time is the perfect time to learn to knit. I've taught a few people then myself (when I had a job outside the home). It looks like you've taken to it like a fish takes to water. You're doing great KJ!

  11. Oooh, lovely dishcloths - that's given me an idea for my mother-in-law's christmas present too, so thanks for that. All the very best with the next step up with knitting, I never got past the first stage!

  12. Boy... I need to check my Flickr account more often! Love these dishclothes. I'm glad you found our site helpful to get you started knitting, and how wonderful to have a group of women to craft with. Thanks for sharing and I'll be linking to this post on WFA's Facebook page.


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