Sunday, November 27, 2011

Joy & Happiness: First Sunday of Advent


Last night we attended the tree lighting ceremony at City Hall. I usually avoid crowded events, but the weather was so mild for a November evening and Lily had longed to go all day.  The tree did not disappoint.IMG_1391 We also enjoyed the Christmas windows at the Hudson Bay, lots of  little point blankets.





Our family has an adventsstake which is a traditional Scandinavian four candle holder.  This evening, we lit our first advent candle and Lily read the Advent Poem by the Norwegian Poet, Inger Hagerup.


I was so  happy to find an English translation of this poem at Fresh in Norway.  This is the first verse for week one.

We light a candle tonight
We light it for the happiness
It stands there and lights for itself
and for us who are there
We light a candle tonight
We light it for the happiness...

As Lily read out the poem, it was a good reminder to me that that I should try to incorporate more poetry into our daily routines. Makes everyone happy and it is fun for young readers. 

Next Sunday, in the Scandinavian advent tradition, is hope.



  1. I am ALL over the Hudson's Bay display!

  2. Wow--that looks like it was so much fun! I'm searching for a couple more advent activities, and I now think we MUST go find a Christmas display to look at after seeing your photos.

    And I agree about the poetry. Every time I remember to do some poetry with the girls, I kick myself for not doing it more often because it always goes over so well.

  3. Beautiful - the little tableau's at the Hudson Bay Company are sweetness itself and I love that you shared a bit of your family tradition with us.

  4. What beautiful pictures. How lovely that you could enjoy the wonderful displays. Bring on the Christmas spirit!!

  5. Oh what beautiful scenes you've witnessed KJ!!
    These events would certainly be a fond memory for the girls!

  6. Hi KJ!
    First...I simply loved that first class Star Wars b-day party. What great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing that fun time with us all.

    What a lovely displays at your city event. I just love all the Christmas beauty!

    Have a great week!

  7. Aww -- the kids faces say it all, don't they? These sorts of things make me so nostalgic -- probably why I'm still trying to drag my husband out to recapture that excitement. :-)

  8. have you heard the saying Advent & Christmas are for children? What a nice Norwegian tradition you're sharing with your girls.
    It's a fun time of year, I think my children really enjoy it (I plan a lot of Advent things for my children ~ they started Sunday morning)

  9. I envy these family traditions of yours. I really must incorporate more traditions to define these moments in my little one's life and give the big event more meaning... you do this so well KJ.


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