Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reversible Clothing: The Change Your Mind skirt from 1, 2, 3 Sew

My daughters like to wear skirts, especially the little one. She has developed strong views and refuses to wear pants.  I have restricted my kids weeks sewing to garments the girls will wear and that are a simple sew.  I absolutely love the Change Your Mind skirt in 1-2-3 Sew book because 
1. I am able to destash – a reversible skirt takes up twice as much fabric
2. There are no exposed seams = a professional looking garment
3. You can customize this skirt by using any sort of trim (more destashing, yeah!
4.  The skirt is an easy sew – 1-2 hours.  I stitched up these skirts after the girls went to bed.
5. You can adapt this skirt for fall and still use up your quilting cottons.
For this version I used corduroy on one side and a quilting cotton  (Marie Osmond 2008 for Quilting Treasures) on the other. Trim jumbo ric rac.
I also made this skirt using licensed Angelina Ballerina fabric and eyelet trim.
The reverse is purple and white polka dot.
I am not sure she will ever wear the purple side, she likes Angelina Ballerina too much.  I am just happy these skirts are enjoyed.

PS. Modern Kiddo stitched up these skirts for her book review and they look really cute.

Happy stitching,


  1. Can I just say that the owl t-shirt is adorable?!? Your skirts are precious too. I wish I could get Josie to wear anything other than a t-shirt and pants.

  2. Adorable skirts, KJ. My oldest is the same way... skirts every day. I love the jumbo ric rac trim!

  3. I LOVE the ric rac at the bottom.

    And as for the skirt thing....I have to bribe my six year old to wear pants on PE days. It's a problem I whole-heartedly understand :)

  4. Reversible is the magic word for clothes. When Eva was small I used to make her reversible skirts due to versatility of look and the need to change dirty looks, because she couldn't stay clean for more than an hour :)(And I wonder if any other toddler could??)
    Absolutely lovely fabric you used for yours KJ!

  5. Not surprised your girls love them so much, they are absolutely lovely. Marie Osmond fabrics? Well I never!

  6. this was already on my list of things to sew (not for this week, but in the future), but now thanks to you I have more reasons to sew one... talk about killing more than 2 birds with one stone !

  7. oh, and I didn't know there was Angelina Ballerina fabric ~ my daughter likes her, too :)

  8. ...I just thought of another reason to add to the list... my daughter is currently averaging about 3 outfits per day, so this skirt would make a quick change for her, she'd just have to reverse the skirt & voila new outfit !

  9. Plus the reversibility adds warmth which will be perfect for winter! They look great KJ. Your use of trim is sweet too!

  10. Totally adorable - I might have to see about making these...


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