Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kids and Corduroy

I am behind on my kids clothing week projects.  The kids needed me more than they needed clothes - everyone has the typical October night cough (it usually lasts until March in this household). 
Anyway, the sewing mojo is back.  I have been wanting to post about corduroy for ages.  It is probably my favourite fabric for a child’s fall / winter wardrobe.
I stitched up this little corduroy jumper for E. Hope.  Brown velvet ric rac , fabric Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller / Meadow Sweet Vintage Paisley on Light Yellow Corduroy .
The pattern is New Look 6854 for Kids (out of print).  I added a kangaroo pocket, I was inspired by this post on Probably Actually (pinned by Gwen). It’s kind of wrinkled, but it is well used to store Polly pockets.
After finishing the reversible skirt, I completed the outfit with a little capelet.  The pattern is available over at Grosgrain (or Burda here).  I just increased the size slightly.
Corduroy is also great for little boys.  My pal got on board and she stitched up two pairs of flat front cords for her youngest who is difficult to fit (his waist is the size of 18-24 months but he is actually 3 years).  Corduroy can be  difficult to photograph due to the wale - as are 3 year old boys.  Pattern: Made’s Flat Front Pant. This is the first time she made pants and I think they turned out great.
I am always on the hunt for corduroy garments second hand.
These are a couple of the girls’ favourite dresses, both printed corduroy and I didn’t pay more than $5 each.  the first one is Bonnie Jean in apple corduroy and the second one is from the late 1980’s Laura Ashley’s Mother and Child collection, floral cord.  I am always on the hunt for items from this particular Laura Ashley collection.

IMG_0929 IMG_0931
Happy Stitching and have a great weekend,


  1. I have always been in love with corduroy and it is unthinkable our winter wardrobe to lack this gorgeous fabric!
    Hope's jumper is fantastic and that kangaroo pocket is the right thing for it.
    That capelet has been on my list for too long - yours turned out fab! I am actually making one - but mine is on my needles :)

  2. I'm smitten with your latest projects. Simply adorable. I love the prints. So feminine. Your girls are just adorable models. Wish I could sprinkle some of your sewing talents onto me.

  3. I love corduroy too, and it's really love to sew. Your latest clothing makes are so beautiful and as for that appley dress, it's just the sort of thing I wore when I was young. Wonderful!

  4. I'm behind on my kid's clothes week projects, too, so I'm glad I'm not alone... I'll be sewing a couple of items late...
    I really like the front pocket on the jumper ~ so adorable :)

  5. Hey you're doing great with the kids clothes KJ. My little one has that same cough (he has asthma which doesn't help). It gets really bad at night and no one can sleep... What can we do?..

  6. I just had to come by & share this with you:
    in case you hadn't already seen it, since we were talking about Angelina Ballerina... have a great day !

  7. my favourite material, corduroy! These are adorable.


  8. Corduroy is my favourite for the cooler months. Love the little jumper with must-have kangaroo pocket. The little boy pants your friend made are adorable, too.

  9. I love corduroy - I do wish my girls were a little fonder of it...

  10. Lovely outfits, and they have a retro feel too.

  11. I love corduroy...I'm wearing some now! The dresses are wonderful. My little one would love the pocket for her dollies.

  12. I love that you tried the kangaroo pocket with the ric rac :) It looks great, KJ. And that capelet is adorable.


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