Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crafting with my kids: Thanksgiving Tall ship from a cardboard produce basket

I loved the Pottery Barn-inspired Mayflower ships that I saw in blogland last year( e.g. Pink Peony, Gwenny Penny, Stories of A to Z) and wanted to create one with my girls.   We used the last of our cardboard peach baskets.
Remove the wooden handle and get the little hands painting the basket brown.
After the cardboard dries, cut out a semi-circle on each side of the basket to make it look more like a boat.  I fitted the bottom of the boat with a piece of styrofoam covered with landscape burlap.

I created the masts from scrap drapery lining (they are sewn). They measure finished about 6 X 9 inches. There are casings on the top and bottom for wooden skewers and they are supported upright by large wooden skewers.  The masts are then hot glued to the upright skewers.

This was such a fun project and we continued our discussion about exploration that started back in July
We are celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend. It looks like it will be 24 degrees Celsius. We may be able to enjoy our Turkey outdoors!


  1. What a fun project -- and decorative, too!

  2. Super cool, very effective and not to difficult looking.

    I love the presentation on a map!!

  3. Oh this is such a lovely project KJ!!
    Love it - especially the masts with the drapery lining with delicate ribbon as detail!!

  4. Darling project, KJ. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. I really like the trim on the sails ~ nice touch & I see Minnesota on your map :)

  6. What a fabulous ship! I'd love to do something similar with the girl in November. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you're having a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend in this lovely weather.

  7. I love it KJ! Love the use of the peach basket and the trim at the top of the sails. Really nice :) Happy Thanksgiving, KJ.

  8. Cute craft and a Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  9. So Cute! I pinned it to my Pinterest to remember.

  10. I LOVE this! I would love if you would share this at the Crazy Cute link party happening at Between U & Me right now! I've got a totally awesome giveaway this week, too!
    OOH! AND, I'm your newest follower! ;)

  11. LOVE this project! Your ship looks amazing- love those sails too! I'm visiting from the TT&J party-


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