Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crafting with my kids: Our Indian Corn Chairbackers

Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated next weekend.  We have been creating a few decorations for our table – all inspired by the pretty colours in Indian corn.IMG_0646
There are a number of variations on painting Indian corn cobs {bubblewrap over at No Time for Flashcards  and fingerprints at All Kids}. We used thumprints and cork stamping.
IMG_0731  Cut up your masterpiece into cobs and add a few embellishments like ribbon and burlap. IMG_0790
We hung the cobs on our chairs with a little raffia. 
Before I had kids, I don’t think I ever heard of a “chairbacker”, but I have actually found that the girls get excited about these sorts of chair decorations and even want to sit down to enjoy a meal.
P.S. Our tablecloth was an interesting thrifty find.  I like the fall colours.  Linen for about 2$.
Happy Crafting,
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  1. I love your thrifty tablecloth but I especially love your fingerprint craft. I can't wait to do this with Josie in November.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  2. My daughter will be experiencing her very first Thanksgiving in Canada this year..I must send her an email! I love your chairbackers..I think I'll make something for our chairs this Christmas!

  3. These are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

    And, love that tablecloth!


  4. KJ this is a fantastic activity and the result is lovely!! I also must say that your tablecloth is adorable!

  5. What a cute, cute idea.

    I too love that tablecloth - two whole dollars - what a deal.

  6. I don't think I've seen chairbackers anywhere but here. Did you invent this concept KJ? Maybe my son would come sit for a meal (without me having to repeat myself 10 times) if we made some of these for special occasions...

  7. I've never done chairbackers with my girls. I really should. I might have to run with your idea :) Your tablecloth is fantastic!

  8. What a great idea! Starting a homeschooling harvest unit with my boys next week & will be adding this to our syllabus :)

  9. Your Indian corn decorations look so festive. Once I did an Indian corn craft project with the kids but it required cutting out lots of tiny paper squares. I like this idea MUCH better.

  10. Hey KJ!
    Thanks for posting this idea. I was wondering what in the world I was going to do with my niece, nephews, and my kids concerning their "Thanksgiving craft" this year. This will be our third annual craft we make together and give to my parents. My mom brings them out as part of her Thanksgiving decor, and the kids enjoy seeing what they have done over the years (and how much they have grown because the last two crafts have involved using the hands and feet). Thanks again for the wonderful idea...The kids and grandparents will love it!

  11. I am also a big fan of the Indian corn. Now I kind of feel like I need different chairs so I can tie things on them -- although I might also need to borrow appreciative little children. (Not sure if my husband will give me adequate praise.) ;-) Looks so festive -- and it goes so well with your tablecloth. What a find!


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