Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crafting with my kids: Indian Block printing

Last week, I had a chance to go to the “Creativ Festival” in downtown Toronto with my pal.  We had a chance to meet Jamie Maldon from Colouricious who flew to Toronto all the way from the UK.  I am a huge fan of block print so I couldn’t believe my luck and started a new stash.  She has so many amazing block prints.
The girls and I worked on a few pieces.  You need some cardstock (we used old file folders for the note cards) and newsprint (newsprint works very well for the large blocks to make gift wrap), sponges, and acrylic paint.
IMG_1022Here is a close up of that splendid peacock.
Here is the gift wrap.
Lots of note cards. 
They make a lovely stationary gift all wrapped up in twine.IMG_1029
Coincidentally, I found a really special book on printing technique at a local  thrift shop.  It is from 1961 and by Swedes G. Ahlberg and O. Jarneryd.   From the introduction on the “Pleasures of Block Printing”, the authors write:
Our aim, in writing this book is to give directions for printing methods which can be carried out by the school child, the professional man, the housewife-the amateur of any age. Many beginners  surprise themselves by the ease with which they learn these methods and by the unmistakeably professional appearance of the prints they make. Many a teen-age girl might enjoy making a tie for her boyfriend and a skirt for herself using a matching pattern.
The intro says it all. We were very pleased with the results on paper and our next project is to try block printing on fabric.  So exciting.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend and to all our dear friends celebrating Diwali this weekend, we wish you a joyous celebration.


  1. the results are great ~ I especially like the fish cards tie up with twine !

  2. They are gorgeous - stamps, paper, note cards!! I kept scrolling up and down to admire them!
    I love how the gift wrapping paper turned out - gifts would be amazingly wrapped into it!
    Coincidentally I just had an accent on festivals around the world in my class and we also watched a documentary about Diwali!The children loved it!

  3. gosh i love your stamps! esp the elephant, fish and peacock!! and they turned out so pretty! that's a great way to make greeting cards. i think i may have to start a new hobby soon! hahaha...

    happy diwali!

  4. I just love this and the hooded scarf! Come on over and learn about the scariest thing!

  5. What gorgeous stamps! Such pretty greeting cards.

  6. What fun....I love the peacock paper...

  7. That peacock is absolutely stunning! Did you use ink or paint to make the prints? They are just gorgeous.

    I picked up a few really beautiful hand-carved stamps over the summer at a yard sale too and am hoping to use them soon. I'm a little scared though. I haven't done this sort of thing before...

  8. Such a fun project...the blocks you have are gorgeous!

  9. Your wrapping paper is lovely. Years ago, I made X-mas paper with a kitchen sponge cut into a star and tree shape. It was kind of log cabin looking if you know what I mean. Yours is so sophisticated.

  10. These are really beautiful, KJ. It will be interesting to see how it works on fabric. If it works well, it could open up a whole new world of craftiness for you :)

  11. What a great find! The peacock gift wrap is my favorite.

  12. How gorgeous! I love the peacock... what fun that looks. I have never heard of Colouricious before which is outrageous as I'm here in the UK! Thank you for introducing me to them - I feel a little purchasing coming on!

  13. How creative! Love your blog.
    I’m following.



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