Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Annual Blessing of the Animals


The feast of St. Francis is celebrated on October 4th this  year.  Today, my girls and I brought Ramsey to be blessed at the annual blessing of the animals at St. James Cathedral in downtown Toronto.   The Cathedral is a historic and architectural treasure and a place of worship since 1797.   Today’s service took place inside the cathedral. Pets were permitted inside the Cathedral for the hymns and scripture readings.  After the service, the blessing took place outdoors.


Dragoon - an 8 year old magnificent Toronto Police Horse - was blessed first.


There were numerous cats and dogs, but this was the only bird.


The girls really enjoyed this outing.  Lily insisted on wearing her special rubber boots.  She also wore socks with horses and a shirt with a deer on it.


Several years ago, I picked up this book by Robert  F. Kennedy Jr. on the life of St. Francis.  It was a birthday gift for my husband. It has been a wonderful addition to our family library.  Denis Nolan’s illustrations are beautiful.


I hope you are having a wonderful weekend,



  1. What a wonderful tradition to share with your family. :)

  2. my daughter's French-speaking preschool is located inside an Anglican church (the only one in our state)... thanks for sharing that book, we're going to check it out at our library :)

  3. KJ I didn't know there was such a day and yes, this looks like a wonderful tradition! Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful day. I love the story of St Francis, we have several picture books about him and I know one is about the blessing day.

    So glad you got the photo of Ramsey - it made me smile.

    I love what Lily wore - just the kind of thing C would do. :)

  5. During mass this morning, they talked about the upcoming blessing of the animals. We have a brand new addition to the family (a 9 week old little girl kitty...named Luna). She arrived this weekend.'ll be the first in blogland to know. We think she needs some extra blessings right now. Our Miss Penny is out of sorts with a sibling. I could draw lots of similarities to our real-life adoption.


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