Saturday, September 3, 2011

Monarchs and Cicadas

IMG_0384  I didn’t plan to be away from these parts for so long. {I recently created a pinterest account (my boards are here) which has used up most of my computer time, it’s rather addictive and can leave you feeling a  little saturated by all the visual inspiration. } 
We have been spending these last few days of summer swimming at our local pool (it closes tomorrow, sigh) and looking for butterflies.
It’s the annual migration and the monarchs have been putting on such a show for us.
Not sure of this variety.
We have also been hunting for falling cicadas and found this little guy.  The cicada song fills our backyard throughout the summer. That song will end as soon as the weather turns cool.
Enjoy the long weekend,


  1. Such lovely pictures. What a fun thing to share with your girls.

  2. What a fun activity to share with your girls. Such beautiful pictures and memories.

    PS. I created a pinterest account but haven't done anything yet because I was afraid of getting too addicted. I'm already told I'm on the computer too much.

  3. Judging by the heat going on I wouldn't say the summer's end is here :)
    Great pics KJ!
    I started following you on pinterest and now I am going to check out your boards!

  4. These are beautiful pictures!
    Little Wonders' Days

  5. Great pictures! How gorgeous! Our class made some humming cicadas out of PVC pieces, last week. I have yet to post about it on my blog (MUST do that soon), but generally we used some metal bolts to rub against the little plastic pieces. The children LOVED it, and we had a class cicada band! If you want to check out my blog in a day or two, I should get to posting some pictures of how to do it. Thanks! : ))))

    Oh, it is:

  6. He is a red admiral. I love the hum of cicadas it is a strong memory trigger. :)

    BTW I discovered that female is more intensely orange and that the male has a spoton his lower wings.


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