Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guest Sewing Project: Allergy Awareness Backpack Tag


I wanted to post about this project in case you or anyone you know has a child with a food allergy.   Blue Bear Aware is a Canadian company which sells allergy alert badges and wristbands.  My pal incorporated one of their badges into a luggage tag for her son’s backpack.

On the reverse of the tag  is a vinyl slot to slip in contact information and what to do in an emergency, use of epi-pen, health information, family physician etc.



{Sewing Notes: The construction of the tag is not overly complicated, just a little fussy to execute.  This particular tag has a button hole to thread recycled leather fastener through, but you could also use a grommet / eyelet.  Bias tape is used to sandwich all of the pieces together as the denim and vinyl made it too thick to turn inside out. Finished size is approximately 4 X 4 inches.}


I think this is a very useful tag.  When I work backstage at Lily’s ballet recitals there are a number of dancers with serious food allergies.  Although there is a nut free policy, I still get concerned.  This sort of tag would make the dancers’ with allergies’ backpack standout should I ever have to administer their epi-pen.

For more information on food allergies, I found this site and this site particularly informative.

{Neither my pal nor my blog have any affiliation with these sites or Blue Bear and this post is not sponsored in any way}.

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  1. What a great way to keep someone safe.

  2. It's good to spread awareness. We don't have this in Singapore. In fact, not many people know about allergies. They seem to think its psychological when I try to explain to them I'm allergic to peanuts!

  3. This was good to know and the tag is immensely helpful. My nephew has a ton of food allergies so I will send a link to my sister! Thanks for sharing KJ!

  4. This is such a great idea. Makes total sense really.

  5. In Ontario, we have Sabrina's Law named after Sabrina who died after eating contaminated french fries from the school cafeteria.

    As parents, we have a responsibility to keep all our children safe.

    You can read more about Sabrina's Law here:

  6. What a great idea. I'm that awful Mum that always has a bit of cereal or pasta or something out, and offers it unthinkingly to friends poor little allergic children! I need reminding! :)

  7. That's just a smart idea KJ. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. This is such a great idea. Thanks for posting this, KJ. I'm going to share this with a friend.


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