Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Family treasures: Old Star Wars Toys


Do you recall these toys?

My 36 year old cousin cleaned out his closet and found these old Star Wars toys.  He played with them in 1983 or so.

A Millennium Falcon


I think this is a landing craft

IMG_0710  Imperial Army AT-AT Walker


I was never a fan of Star Wars and haven’t seen any of the films in their entirety, it was just not my thing (as a kid I gravitated to stories which took place on earth, Nancy Drew and the like); however, the Star Wars stories were very influential and enjoyed by many people close to me. 

Lily will never forget the hot summer day when our car broke down and she watched Star Wars with her grandfather.    Lily is very interested in the Star Wars story and trivia. She also enjoys illustrating pictures from her Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary.

After some deliberation, we decided not to keep these toys at our home and send them up to my nephew and said that she could play with them when she visited his house.   I thought Lily would be upset, but she was completely fine with that decision. She wrapped the toys and decorated the boxes with ewoks and everything was okay.

Have a great day!

PS If you like crafty Star Wars projects, I have a pinterest board called “One Crafty Star Wars”.



  1. Wow! Staggering collectibles if I may say :)
    I love watching Star wars although I am entirely an Old World person (you know elf and fairies, witches, wizards and hobitts kind of thing)!

  2. Lucky nephew, I had better not show this post to my boy! Off to check out your Star Wars pinning - what fun!

  3. I did a yoda box around Christmas - I've done more LOTR crafts than Star Wars - I am going to share a super-simple Harry Potter craft soon.

    My husband has most of the Star Wars toys - they are with his parents in CA.

    I love how precious it is to Lily - first that she has this memory "Lily will never forget the hot summer day when our car broke down and she watched Star Wars with her grandfather." And second that she spent time decorating the box for your nephew.

    Completely sweet. What wonderful memories for you and yours.

  4. oh, I'll have to share this with my husband, we have at least one of these from his childhood...

  5. What a lucky nephew. How nice that Lily was able to share these toys. My husband watched the movies but was just old enough to not own the toys. I have a feeling that Josie would be interested in them however. I love the pics that you took. They look life-like!!

  6. My cousins had all of these toys, too! I've seen all of the original Star Wars movies several times. I liked them, but I was never a huge fan. I love that Pinterest board... neat idea :)

  7. These toys are quite impressive! Wow!

    My husband - now my son - has some of the Star Wars action figures from back in the day. We love the original series (and especially the very first movie) but we can't handle the newer installments.


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