Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Traditions: Planting Bulbs with my Girls


One of our traditions is to plant at least 50 bulbs every autumn.   Bulb planting is something I did with my dad as a young child and it is a tradition I carried on with my daughters. We usually plant in two stages on in early fall and one later.  It’s always interesting to see which planting does better.   Tulips are usually saved for a  later planting (less time for the squirrels to get them).  Yesterday, we planted crocus and narcissus.


Hard working little hands.


In May, when the bulbs are putting on their show, I like to take a annual photo of the girls around Mother’s Day. This photo was taken in May 2009. The daffodils were particularly vibrant that year.



Have a lovely week,

PS If you enjoy forcing bulbs for winter, Stephanie Lynn posted about a pretty paper white project.  There is also an informative article in the September issue of MSL (page 31-37) has an excellent article (summarized here) on using multiplier bulbs for mass plantings that were used on Martha’s bed (which involved planting 115,000 bulbs).




  1. the work now is so worth it as the flowers are so pretty in the Spring :)

  2. What a beautiful tradition and I love how it ties your spring and fall together too - a tying together of generations.

  3. sweet. You are reminding me that we need to buy some more bulbs this fall. Our deer/squirrels seem to have rearranged and munched on many that we planted last fall. Have a lovely week!

  4. Those photos from 2009 are so ALIVE with colour. I think it's awesome how you involve your kids in the bulb planting. I must do this with my little one too!

  5. Why did I never think of sharing bulb planting with my kids? Great tradition!

  6. I love that you do this together. It makes me so ready to have a spot of my own to year!

  7. Can't wait to see pictures next spring. those girls are so sweet!


  8. that's such a nice family tradition to have!

    i also wanted to inform you that i've awarded you with ... erm... an award!! yay!

    go here to check it out!


  9. Love that this is a family tradition. I love tulips, and the only year that I planted bulbs the squirrels ate half of them and the deer ate the other half as soon as they came up. :)


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