Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crafting with my kids: Recreating Jackson Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm


Hey folks, my friend  Carol is one of the four mothers behind a collective blog, 4 mothers.  Carol recently had a baby (her third!!) and extended an invitation to guest post while she and her new baby get acquainted.

I have a little post about something that has been in the “Lily & KJ craft head” for at least three years and we’re kind of proud of it.

If you like making messes with your child or even if you prefer to watch other people make messes with their kids, it would thrill me if you would click over here so we can discuss this (and I am not talking about the Furby). 


Thanks for reading and your support - you are the best!



  1. Wow! This is amazing!
    Lily has got a lot of potential and this is a true masterpiece! I forgot to say that the color combination is fantastic!

  2. You always do amazing things with your daughters, KJ. They are so lucky to have you as a mama.

  3. What a fantastic creation, well done KJ and Lily. During the summer hols I saw an beaten up old leather chair that had had the Pollock treatment and it looked so effective, I was almost tempted to try it myself. By the way I think our girls would get on very well - we also share our home with a furby!

  4. Happiness - Furby is a great addition to the vignette (imho). :)

  5. Your kids are so blessed to have an amazing mum..I loved your posts on the dinosaur dig and the caramel apples and fun you all had in the orchard!

  6. Looks interesting... off to check it out :)


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