Monday, September 5, 2011

Crafting with my Kids: Cork and Walnut Boats

Ever since I saw Jonah Lisa’s cork boat tutorial, it has been on our summer bucket list.  Eager to fit in one last summerish project, we spent the morning making these little boats and brought them down to our neighbourhood beach for a test run.  We live about 3 km from the water so it’s an easy outing.
 I was hoping they would float (they did).
We repurposed a couple of plastic produce baskets to carry the boats.  I always find it intriguing how children enjoy a  “carrying case”.
We also made a flotilla of walnut boats.  Made by Joel posted a tutorial here and the washi tape idea is inspired by Hip Hip Hooray’s take here.  Really easy, but lit candles are involved.   Lily loves eating walnuts so she was especially interested in this project.

School starts tomorrow and new routines to implement (sigh). Wishing you a great week,


  1. super cute!

    have a great week yourself. Short weeks always seem long.


  2. i've been meaning to make those cork boats with my kids, they look like they'd be fun... your carrying case is a fabulous idea :)
    Happy first day of school ! all of my 3 kids start school tomorrow (at 3 different schools)

  3. Your boats are simply darling. I think even Chris would enjoy crafting them with the girls. We're gearing up for our fist day of school tomorrow too. Keeping our fingers crossed when the 5:50 alarm goes off!

  4. The boats are sweet looks like a fun day. I like your observation about kids and containers.

  5. What special moments you make with your kids. And made even more so with the creation of these sweet boats. Your photos are just lovely too!

  6. This is great since I love working with cork, but I've never tried making boats - I did though with the walnut shells. Although, come to think of it, using washi tape as flag is absolutely adorable!
    Beautiful pictures and I know you had lots of fun!!
    Happy start of school!

  7. These boats are so cool. I especially love the walnut boats with the washi tape... too cute! What a great activity.

  8. OH I wish my kids were still little! We would surely have made your boats! how cute they are and how adorable your kids are! I will have to try to remember those boats to make with my little grandbaby.. well... in a couple years. He'd just put them in his mouth now! lol
    hope the first day back to school went well for everyone!


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