Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apple Picking, Slow cooker Dulce de Leche, and Harvest Moons

IMG_0620 This past weekend we had a chance to go apple picking.
  Apple orchards are such fun places to take photographs.
Our family likes this particular orchard because the trees are short and children can {quickly} fill a basket without any grown-up assistance.  There were four varieties ready for picking (Gingergold, Royal gala, McIntosh, and Empire).  We also enjoyed a tractor ride and 3.8 acre corn maze.  We were lost for about 30 minutes.  Someone decided to dress themselves (did you know that princesses only wear buttons in the back?)
Given that we have nearly 40$ worth of apples (yikes) I thought it would be fun to make some caramel apples. I tried making some dulce de leche in the slow cooker.  You just need to submerge an unopened can of sweetened condensed milk in the slow cooker for 8 hours (on low). Make sure the can is submerged.  Buttercream Barbie provides the specifics here.  This recipe is so easy and the result is fantastic.
The girls dipped their apples in the dulce de leche and added some leaf sprinkles.  After dipping, we let the apples solidify a bit in the fridge. It was a hit.
IMG_0627Have a lovely week and be sure to look up at the Harvest moon tomorrow (this shot was from Saturday evening).
Tomorrow, marks the beginning of the Moon Festival.  In our neck of the woods, the supermarkets are full of moon cakes.
IMG_0400 Some of the cakes come with interesting knick knacks.
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  1. all that apple stuff is good fall fun... moon festival? moon cakes? never heard of those before... learn something new everyday ...

  2. Harvest Moon! Sounds like so much fun. Remember 9/11!

  3. those apples look delicious! I think I will do apple sauce next weekend.

    So what grocery story did you see all the moon cakes in?


  4. I've always wanted to try the dulce de leche that way. I've been craving fresh apples for weeks. Macs and Empires are to of my favorites. Of course, they are all shipped in down here in Florida. My market produce man promised me he'd have some Tuesday...can't wait. Looks like you all had great fun.

  5. YUMMY! Your apple recipe is definitely something we'll be trying at our house! We have apple orchards less than a mile from our house. I can't wait to take the girls. Josie and I spent time working on moon cakes this afternoon. I purchased a moon cake mold this past year. She'll be bringing it to kindergarten later this week.

    Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival!

  6. Okay. Oh gosh. Must try this recipe with my little one. It looks absolutely scrummy!

  7. What a perfect treat! I thanks for the link and inspiration.

  8. I'm waiting patiently for yummy Honey Crisp apples -- hopefully next week! Your coated apple has my mouth watering!

    My aunt makes dulce de leche in a similar manner (3 hours on the stove instead of in slow cooker), and uses it to fill handmade 'Turtles' candies. So delicious.

  9. Me too. I haven't heard of the moon festival before! Will you make an activity to present it to us?
    The trip to the orchard certainly proved fruitful :)
    Thank you for sharing the recipe - I will have to check the link and mark it for future reference!

  10. mmm! those apples look wonderful! We live in apple country here! lots of farms and lots of apple orchards. In fact, I think I will drive down one of my favorite country orchard roads on my way to work this morning and see if I can smell the apples yet! I'm sure I can. Have a great week!

  11. KJ,
    Thanks for the recipe! I was wondering how I was going to manage caramel apples while "kitchenless." Your post came in the nick of time! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. We love apple picking, we've been doing it my sister for this years. We go this weekend.

  13. Love your appley pics but I don't think I could eat them coated in dulce de leche. My children would doubtless feel differently though!

  14. Those dulce de leche apples look divine, KJ. Yum!


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