Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Holly Hobbie & Vintage Toy Sewing Machines

First, thank you for the kind anniversary wishes. Second, to set the record straight, I was over twenty (well just…21)!
While we are on the topic of ancient history, I thought I would post about this little Holly Hobbie project.
My youngest sister knows what I like, e.g. my prairie revival tendencies. She always keeps an eye out for me on her thrifty adventures. Recently, she scored this lovely embroidery piece for about a buck at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop.  The embroidery pattern is from 1973: Simplicity 6005.  I have seen this particular pattern on Etsy here.
The piece needed to be washed (carefully), but I was able to turn it into a little pillow with cream corduroy and mini pompom trim.
On the reverse, there is a little pocket to hold my girls’ Holly (modern day Holly, sigh…).
Here’s a little more ancient history:
1. My first (toy) sewing machine was a Holly Hobbie Sewing Machine, much like this one available on Etsy, only blue.  Coincidentally, my sister recently spotted a bunch of “vintage” toy sewing machines at a thrift shop, including my first “machine” (bottom left).
3. More ancient history: a few more toy machines in case you are interested in this sort of nostalgia (Sew Mate & Jenny)
A Kittie?
3. I found a photo of my middle sister and I from 1978 sporting our Holly Hobbie purses: notice the very similar design to the embroidery.   The photograph was taken in Australia, but it is my recollection that my father brought back those purses for us from Boston.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my almost 4 decade old love for Holly,

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  1. Your pillow turned out famously! How sweet of your sister to keep an eye out for you like that. Are you in the market for a toy sewing machine? I wonder how well they would work?

  2. I still have my Holly Hobby doll. Your pillow is just adorable. It turned out so well. I love that picture of you and your sister. I swear I had the same purse. It looks so familiar.

    Toy sewing machines would make a fun collection for your new sewing/crafting room!

  3. I remember Holly Hobby when I was a girl. I absolutely adore the mini pompom trim on your pillow and the pocket on the back for the Holly Hobby doll is so clever :)
    I wish I had a toy sewing machine when I was a little girl... thanks for sharing the photos of all the fabulous vintage toy sewing machines ~ they all look in pretty good shape.

  4. You made a fabulous pillow out of it!! I love it - the image reminds me of Sarah Kay's characters which I am still crazy about!
    I didn't have a toy sewing machine when I was little, but I grew up in Singer environment (every woman in my family owned one) although they were banned for us out of sheer fear that we might stitch our fingers.

  5. aw, I just adore Holly Hobby! I didn't know there was a modern day Holly! I have the cutest Christmas plate (for squares or cookies) with Christmas Holly!


  6. I loved Holly Hobbie as a child--I had a rag doll and wanted to be her for halloween one year! I turned out looking like Laura Ingalls, but it sure was fun. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Your pillow turned out great!

  7. Sweetness...I want to embroider some Holly Hobby myself sometime - I didn't know there were vintage transfers available!!

  8. Adorable pillow!

    I never see toy sewing machines at the thrift store. Did your sister buy one?

  9. That Holly Hobby embroidery is amazing. Gotta love her. Those sewing machines I think are the cutest things ever.

  10. I have to say, I have not thought about Holly Hobby in a very long time; what a visceral memory to see her posted up here.

    My other inescapable thought is my goodness, the ressemblance between you as a girl (such a lovely photo) and Lily now is striking!

  11. I think I'm having heart palpitations at all the vintage kids' sewing machines. I had Sew Easy, and I loved it! I found one for my girls at a garage sale last summer for like 50 cents. I couldn't believe it.

    The Holly Hobby embroidery is adorable, and that photo at the bottom is darling! Total cuteness all around!

  12. How absolutely sweet of your sister to think of you! That is a wonderful find!

  13. I fondly remember Holly Hobbie! The lunchbox that I carried all through elementary school was Holly Hobbie. The embroidery piece that you found looks so familiar to me. I'm wondering if my grandmother maybe did something similar for me. I should dig around in my attic to see if I still have it!

    I had one of those kiddie sewing machines, too!

  14. I love your Holly Hobbie embroidery! It is gorgeous! I still have a Holly Hobbie tiny plate that I received as a birthday present (long ago).

  15. I love Holly Hobbie! great stuff!

  16. Holly Hobbie was my absolute favorite doll growing up as a little girl. I believe I had the same bag as you and your sister. Wow! You and Lily look so much alike!

    My mom gave me some of my toys years ago...I have my HH dolls tucked away safely until Tori is a bit older to play with them. I may have to pull them out soon to share with you!

    Have a great week!

    I wish I had a sister to in which to share treasures and beautiful memories!

  17. Love that pillow! The vintage picture of you and your sister is sweet too. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday... hope you'll be back this week.

  18. Thanks KJ I was just thinking you would like the tablescape!

  19. Oh this takes me right back. I had a little Holly Hobbie doll too that my dad bought for me before I was born. :-) Love the little pillow -- so sweet and looks like it would be Heaven to hold with all of that texture.

  20. What a fabulous post... I had my fair share of Holly Hobbie when I was little. I have been talking about my Sew Easy (from that first picture) for years, but I could never remember what it looked like. I'm so excited to see a picture of it!

  21. Do you have the Holly Hobbie embroidery pattern? If so, would you sell it?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I have two embroideries but no pattern. There are a number of sellers on Etsy who are selling the pattern. Here is one listing:


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