Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Farmer’s Market Rainbow

From late May to the first week of October, I usually purchase my produce at the Wednesday Farmer’s Market at Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto.  There are many other markets scattered throughout the city, but I enjoy this particular market because I have been going to it for the past 12 summers and I am a creature of habit.  {Prior to that I was usually found at the Saturday market at St. Lawrence (I financed  part of my law school debt by working for a market vendor selling free range chicken and eggs)}. 

After I saw this lovely post, I was inspired to capture the colours of the Wednesday market.

016 021019 024 025 022 023 020

Farmer’s markets in Ontario are especially pretty in August!



  1. Wow, KJ. Such a lovely rainbow! Thanks for sharing a taste of your market.

  2. great photos ~ they make a nice rainbow :)

  3. I always love a good ROY G BIV! Beautiful!

  4. Awesome photos, KJ. You really captured the vibrance of each color.

  5. Stunning photos. What a lovely treasure to have a favorite farmers market.

  6. Love the photo of the carrots - and wish I could buy the blueberries - I love blueberries...

    I am a creature of habit also - my furniture doesn't get changed up often because I don't like change that much.

    We are looking for a new laptop and were seeking recommendations via FB and my Uncle suggested a Macbook and when I objected by saying we've never done apple he replied that Apple was easy to learn - I couldn't help thinking "Yes, but I am a creature of habit and I like what I know."

  7. Mmm, makes me anxious for Saturday and our next market run! It's a great family outing.

  8. Looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    Morgan @


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