Monday, August 22, 2011


Celebrating a little anniversary today.


Eighteen years ago today, two poor students sealed the deal at a sleepy sailing club around the corner from my childhood home.


Last night, for our family movie night, we watched the Little House on the Prairie episode where Adam and Mary get married.  The girls are very interested in weddings and I dug out our wedding scrapbook and photo album to share with them. 

I thought I would share some of the details in this space as well. It was a thrifty wedding with many friends, family, and strangers making it possible. The sailing club had never had a wedding. No professional photographer, just a few friends who enjoyed photography had a 35mm camera that they remembered to bring. A childhood friend was our bagpiper.  My father-in-law performed the ceremony.

in the week before the big day, me at the sewing machine in my dad’s dining room. My dress and all of the bridesmaid dresses were handmade.  In the bottom corner is my dress half done on a dress form. It probably cost less than $40 to make.

wedding0006 wedding0007

The inspiration for the veil is in the photo above, bottom left corner. I found a veil at the Goodwill for a few dollars.  I refashioned it and added satin bias tape.  I look a little serious in this photo.  I also made the hairpiece out of a grapevine and flowers, the veil was attached to the back of the grapevine so it could flip over.  I held daisies and ivy.


My BFF was my maid of honour.  She made her own dress, dupioni silk. The bridesmaid dresses were the same pattern.


wedding0008  My oldest nephew {then 4} was the ring bearer and stole the show :) I made black velvet vests for him and my oldest niece.  The kilts were rented.


After the reception, the Mister and I sailed away.  We had put up a notice  at the sailing club and very kind strangers offered to be our “limo”. They would not accept anything in return. 


The boat was named the Figment II.

fig·ment (fgmnt)


Something invented, made up, or fabricated


I always thought that was funny.  

Wishing you a great week,



  1. KJ this is so touching!!
    My Gosh.. you were a stunning bride - soo beautiful.. and elegant.. and graceful! The photos are amazing too!
    You had devoted yourself completely to making your wedding a memorable one investing your heart, soul and your love!! I love your story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. What a beautiful wedding. Everything is such a fairytale. You look like a princess. I hate to even admit how stressful our wedding was. Your pictures are just lovely. Happy Anniversary!

  3. thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed seeing all of your thrifty ideas. happy 18th anniversary! such a beautiful bride & a young one as well. I've been married over 15 years... having a wedding today I think would be more stressful, there's so much pressure to have a big & expensive wedding, I wonder what it's going to be like for my children...

  4. Congratulations! 18 years is a wonderful milestone. I love all the handmade touches...especially that you made your own dress. I love the photo of you and your bridesmaids in the trees. I hope you get to do something special, just the two of you.

  5. 18 years ago! How old were you, 17?? Wow, good for you! Happy to see that life has treated you well!

  6. You're so beautiful KJ, in these 18 yr old photos, and today still (I always think so when I see photos of you). What a rare thing these days: 18 years of marriage. Congratulations to the two of you! You obviously work hard and cherish every moment! Here's to the next 18!!!

  7. Happy Day, and a wonderful digital scrapbook of the memories! You look so young :)

  8. you where such a beautiful bride!

    Happy 19-years!


  9. Looks like a beautiful celebration! Happy anniversary.

  10. What a gorgeous wedding and beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing them with us and happy anniversary!!

  11. Happy anniversary KJ! What wonderful photos!

  12. Happy, happy anniversary, KJ! You're beautiful in the photos. Given all you and the people around you put into the wedding, no wonder it is precious to you. And I can't help thinking about the thrift/practicality that went into your wedding at a time when it was not at all trendy. Good for you, and best wishes for your anniversary. Carol

  13. Ok, this made me tear up a little. I love weddings like this -- ours was simple and small and very handmade too. I'm so happy you shared this. :-)

  14. Happy Belated Anniversary, KJ! I love that you shared some photos. That picture of you with the bridesmaids in the trees is fantastic! Great story :)


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